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Apr 29, 2011
I enjoyed Morimoto. I’m sorry you had a bad experience.

It was absolutely abysmal.

Seven of us dined there on the Monday night before IAAPA 2015 started. We all ordered cocktails at first and three of my friends that ordered martinis had their drinks served to them in champagne flutes! ?. I ordered a Yuzu Julep (a beverage that I had in his Philly restaurant that has Yuzu, Maker’s Mark & Fresh Mint) and they served it in a stemless wine glass. They said they were out of the regular serving glasses for these beverages which is supposedly why we got different ones. That didn’t make sense to me as the restaurant wasn’t that busy.

Appetizers were good but it took them an hour to bring all of them out. About 30 minutes after ordering our appetizers we went ahead and ordered our entrees and that took another 1 hour and 45 minutes to come out and that only happened because someone in our party got up and hunted a manager down to complain. We then get our entrees and almost everything was cold to lukewarm and over cooked. The only thing that came out right was my friend’s Peking Duck. I had the black miso cod and it was cold and rubbery.

Luckily we had our $600 bill completely comped even though we didn’t ask for it so that was nice I guess but the manager on duty tried to ease the horrible experience by giving us a cheap bottle of some Korean dessert wine that costs $7.00! ?. And I say $7.00 because I’ve seen it in Korean Supermarkets sold for that price. Needless to say that didn’t ease the horrible dining experience there!
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