Project 2021: S&S 4D Free Spin?

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Aug 16, 2019
This would be a recipe for disaster...

But rumors are swirling (multiple sources) saying that Kings Dominion's 2021 project has changed dramatically since we last saw that B&M Wing coaster concept being worked on. 😕
That's really disappointing... Are we talking no new coaster plans at all now or just 2021?


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Oct 2, 2018
I assume that Zachary knows that these rumors are not good given the 😕. I would be very surprised if KD has absolutely no plans to add anything (If so, that's really bad since that means CF is starting to treat KD like Michigan's Adventure, the basically forgotten park in the CF chain.)
Nov 1, 2012
Imagine Volcano not getting a replacement in 2021...
Well, you seem to be implying that the 2021 attraction(s), does not appear to favor a coaster on that site in Safari Village. So, I will go out on a limb for a "Lost World II" themed area with maybe a dark ride and 2-3 flat rides. Not sure if there will be a themed mountain structure to house some/all of those attractions. OR . . . It could be a more general themed area with 4-5 flats of some sort.

Maybe KD gets a 2021 coaster; but, not in SV.
Maybe KD gets a flat ride package; but, not in SV.

Maybe there are too many variables at play right now for any firm possibility of anything being rumored. Yeah, I'll go with that one. 🤪
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Apr 22, 2019
Maybe they are going to get Wicked Twister. I actually wouldn't hate that, at least as an interim addition. It looks fun and CP is a lot farther away. <-- source of new rumor right here!
Nov 1, 2012
OK, now that everyone is focused on "flip your mood", would that mean one large flat ride that "flips" as part of its ride motion? What flat rides are sized large enough to be a potential stand-alone attraction for the season? We have a drop tower, swing ride, and pendulum ride. Any suggestions?

Again, it could be part of a flat ride package with small-medium sized flats instead.
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