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A description -
"Remy's Ratatouille Adventure is a version of the very popular ride from Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. It uses a very interesting trackless system that allows the ride vehicles to exchange places and move (seemingly) freely. The attraction itself whisks guests in, out, and under the kitchen helping make dinner and avoiding pesky chefs who don't seem to want rats in their restaurant."

Here's a POV of the French version -
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I've never been to Disney, so maybe I have this entirely wrong, but wasn't Epcot supposed to be about technology and the future? What does Ratatouille have to do with that?
I've never been to Disney, so maybe I have this entirely wrong, but wasn't Epcot supposed to be about technology and the future? What does Ratatouille have to do with that?

The ole IP-cot vrs Epcot debate.

Yes that was half of Epcot’s original intention. Ratatouille is in the world showcase half of the park that is about world cultures. The whole concept was to recreate a worlds fair. They wanted sponsors for the “Front half” of the park to maintain the pavilions (lowering the cost to WDW) and countries themselves to sponsor the world showcase half. As countries and sponsors pulled out, Disney didn’t really upkeep attractions all that well (neither did sponsors TBH); and from a business perspective Disney realized there’s more profit to be had from attractions being IP based. Yes Disney has to upkeep the attraction themselves, but when it’s offset by merchandise sales, they actually come out ahead.
EDIT: Warfelg beat me to it lmao

You're not entirely wrong. There's the Future World part which is supposed to be about innovations and technology and science, and then there's World Showcase which is about world cultures.

However they've long since been moving from "this is a look at other cultures" to slipping matching IP into World Showcase. 3 Caballeros kinda kicked it off in Mexico, but Frozen was kinda the nail in the coffin when they added it in Norway.
Honestly I don’t really mind IPs directly related to the country being added to a World Showcase. They don’t detract from the overall theme or message, and IMO they bring more attention to the pavilion. The only exception for me is Frozen, which takes place in a fictional kingdom, not Norway, and the entire main thoroughfare of the Norway pavilion has been transformed into a mini Frozen land.

But overall I feel like appropriately themed IPs can fit acceptably in the World Showcase. Anyone agree?
@Joe I definitely agree with you. Assuming that an addition of an IP to an area of World Showcase can add to the historical accuracy AND entertainment without removing any of the Epcot's originality I think that IPs are okay. The Three Caballeros is fine because it is quite hidden and doesn't remove anything from the Mexico pavilion. In fact, sitting at the tables at the back of the pavilion and watching the boats move throughout the scenery is amazing. (Disclaimer: Mexico pavilion is one of my favorite areas of any theme park so I may be a tad bias to the ride it contains.)
Was at Disney last week. Construction walls up at several locations at Epcot.
I rode on the French version of this ride a few months ago. The ride itself wasn't my cup of tea (very heavily screen-based, which isn't my thing, and it actually made me a little motion-sick in parts), but the trackless ride technology is very cool. I'm looking forward to seeing creative uses of it in future rides.
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