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Back row is way more intense in most cases so...

But that's because of my experience, I don't have anything to prove by riding.

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I still don't understand the fascination with standup rides - 'your legs/feet starting to ache a little from walking around all day? Stay standing and let's put them through some intense forces!'

Though if the restraint system was a little different and basically allowed for your body to be supported by your torso without either stapling you into the restraints or putting a massive amount of pressure on your body, maybe this could be a winner?
Stand up rides are, among the pantheon of terrible ride ideas, one of the worst. Yes, I am saying an ENTIRE class of ride independent of manufacture are as bad, if not WORSE then BGWs greatest ride mistake (I’m looking at you, Drachen Fire).
If it turns out that this is the second generation of stand-ups, count me in. The only one I've experienced is Georgia Schorcer, and holy hell that thing gets overlooked. I could see the larger/older models being more painful, but the Scorcher is glass smooth and actually fairly intense. I'm for this.
I have mixed feelings about standups. But, if you do want to progress with the concept, a better restraint is essential.
It’s interesting that the rumor of stand up is around. I’ve seen through videos and tweet some theories that this might actually be the B&M launched coaster system paired with a floor less train style. I think that would be far better than a standup coaster.

In all honestly I think it would be smart for B&M to develop the Surf Coaster to work with a chassis that can run on a track gauge but in a way is 'blank' in the seating. That way you can do stand up, flourless, or traditional seated coaster. Basically make a style (launched) and let the park decide the experience (seating type).
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I have mixed feelings about standups. But, if you do want to progress with the concept, a better restraint is essential.
If they're going to progress with the concept of a standup than it needs to do things that require standing up to get a better/more unique experience - maybe a beyond 90 drop that puts your feet above your head. Putting stand up trains on a course that can be done with a floorless train is a waste and will automatically make the ride worse than it needs to be.
The sideways standing would give a different feel, but it would probably limit how aggressive the coaster could be with the different body position.
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It appears that track for this ride might be currently being manufactured.

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