Project 2021: Pantheon

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Apr 16, 2017
How the hell does Pantheon have a terrible landscape? It’s literally right next to a forest and a river.
Being next to a water feature or a forest is not having any landscaping. Having good landscaping, especially taking into account other coasters at BGW, includes but not necessarily following terrain up/down natural hills, going through a forest, interacting with a river (mainly following over top in some form), lush foliage surrounding the ride path, etc.

Pantheon is your standard parking lot coaster in that there is flat land with little to no terrain interaction. It doesn't go through any forest area. It would be very unexpected for them to actually do anything extensive landscape wise.


Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
First, @GrandpaD, I hope that was not a slam at @Gavin? He does a great job of maintaining the Forum in his limited free time.

Anyway, on the topic of theming (which is different from landscaping). Regardless of whether the park failed to theme Apollo adequately, it is supposed to be the World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park, not an amusement park. Theming is part of its identity. Past failures do not justify current (apparent) indifference.

They created a nominal theme for Pantheon, which they should have made an effort to incorporate into the ride. I will admit that the concept seems to lack an obvious story, which probably makes theming difficult. If that is part of the problem (I assume budget is the real issue), then perhaps that they should have picked a different theme.

Even if the real reason that it isn’t themed is that they simply don’t have the money, the response from Marketing that you won’t even care was unacceptably glib. For me, that is the worst part: not the shortfall itself, but their apparent belief that it is fine to install a major attraction without anything beyond a few decorations.
Apr 16, 2017
My argument is on both theming and landscaping; you can have one without the other. Typically, BGW has put effort into having at least one if not both.

When your Marketing department tells you that you won't care ... that means they don't care. Which I would say is pretty much a crime when it comes to theme parks.
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Dec 11, 2019
The way I understand it the theme of this ride is that the powers of the gods (the pantheon) combined to create the ride, which leads back to the animation that shows which section is which god. Now I’m not saying that’s a good plot or not, (the idea is decent) but I don’t think that other than maybe some ruins or a trident here and there, there’s not much in the way of ok ride theming you can do. I for one would be satisfied if the Roman gods just used their powers to landscape the ride decently well
Dec 10, 2014
Today's earnings call with investors mentioned that of all new 2020 projects that haven't opened yet company-wide, 90% of construction was completed prior to Covid-19. Additionally, since all construction has since been paused- some 2020 projects will be moved to 2021 depending on when the park reopens and can resume construction. Unclear yet on Pantheon impacts but it's looking like the rumors mentioning the 2021 coaster project being delayed for Festhaus park area are likely true.
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