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I rode Texas Stingray 12 times over Wednesday and Thursday and it was absolutely fantastic. Best GCI I’ve been on of the 6 I’ve ridden beating out Thunderhead. Definitely worth stopping into SeaWorld San Antonio if in the area.
I rode this last year, and it puts Invadr to shame.

SWSA also had a bigger open space to install this coaster, unlike InvadR which had to be squeezed in around Caribou Station, the backstage area and Le Scoot. Texas Stingray is also 1,261-feet longer than InvadR.
Random thought I had...we know that two of Gwazi's millennium flyer trains were shipped to BGW for Invadr... were the other two used for Texas Stingray? Gwazi had two MF'ers on each side, and I'm near certain that BGW didn't receive all four.
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