Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

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Apr 9, 2013
I miss the old days when we got leaks instead of forum staff teasing them...

I know there are reasons, to an extent, but if you're not going to release shit, I'd prefer you don't say shit. /unpopular opinion.
Or just wait for Zach/Nicole to post to BGWFans, releasing what they're sitting on, which will allow you to stop paying attention to this thread. I'm not minimizing what you're saying, but for anticipatory subjects sometimes this is what I do to save myself additional and usually unnecessary mental stress.
Mar 16, 2016
Sometimes you just need help with what you see because you aren’t an expert or have experience in that area. Instead of just spilling anything without understanding what you are putting out there is more dangerous than teasing it and asking for someone with experience to help understand it.
Oct 7, 2011
Warfelg's note above is essential regarding how information is vetted, reviewed, and released by this site's big kahunas. From what I have seen, the mods here are really terrific about that process.

At the same time, speaking only for myself: beyond the mods, I don't feel it is wise for non-kahunas in the know to tease an upcoming info release, no matter how exciting it may be, unless mods want them to do so for some specifically communicated reason. The big kahunas have several reasons to be thoughtful and measured about the whats, whens, and hows around how they share info... and IMO, only they can be said to have the full view of what may be at risk when seemingly benign general notes get shared ahead of a larger (potential) info drop.

Just thought I'd share my own POV on the topic, shaped by working in a few selective industries over the years... the butterfly effect is occasionally a painfully real phenomenon when it comes to seemingly "safe" teases. I'm not a fan of taking the risk, personally.
Oct 10, 2011
Virginia Beach, VA
More details should be coming soon. I will say that it's something very different than what we've seen thus far, completely adding a new layer of complexity, including an additional timeline to the project(s).

Edit: Also, we now know how tight-lipped the park is being about the future of this section of the park.
"future of this section of the park" intrigues me.


Rose up from the dead and all I got was a t-shirt
Apr 25, 2011
Wow I can't believe this got confurmed 😔

On a much more serious note, this is really curious information as this could mean anything; could Festa be rebranded to an entirely new hamlet? Given an update like Oktoberfest? Could both the italy hamlets be unified? Or maybe a new hamlet would be added and this Project is just one piece in the grand scheme of everything. It's hard to say one thing or another is concrete for now, but It's something to get you thinking.
Sep 20, 2013
This is just a speculative view, but I personally think this will be a sub area for the new coaster along with a shop, and potentially a flat ride. Similar to how the story of Griffon takes place in the more rural country away from Aquitaine I could see them theme this area to tie into to Festa, Italy, or even Spain as rumored. Looking at some of SEAS more recent coasters like Mako, InvadR, and Cobra’s Curse show that their major coasters all found in sub areas pertaining to their hamlet.
Oct 7, 2011
By permission of @Zachary... made possible by major contributions in sleuthing and subject expertise from @kingadam, @warfelg, and @Celticdog...

Here is some information about a very official looking document which recently came to the attention of ParkFans.

You will have questions. Everyone will have questions. Most questions will have no concrete answers right now. This post covers the major general themes, according to what we have seen.

The doc in question is an application on BGW's behalf, for authorization/clearance from a resource management and conservation angle (just one regulatory step among many, to be clear). It dates from fall 2017. Current status of any planning around it is, of course, unknown.

First, let's get these two snippets out of the way, both from the document. Posted without comment:

The work noted in the document covers the following:
  1. Dredging of certain delineated areas of the Rhine River bed
  2. Construction of two water/silt runoff drainage basins in shallow water, at shoreline locations on opposite sides of the Rhine
  3. Construction of multiple concrete-capped structures atop wooden pilings, along and in the Rhine
Below is the location of the study area noted in the document:

That's the Festhaus and Oktoberfest on the left, the Verbolten-San Marco bridge in the upper left, and a corner of Festa Italia in the extreme upper right. The open space in the upper right is Festa Field, the currently rumored site of Project Madrid. The open space at the bottom with a few lone structures in it is Festhaus Park, former site of Drachen Fire. The yellow study area in the middle is the proposed work area. A keen eye will note that this study area spans the entire breadth of the Rhine, shore to shore, between those two large, open land areas.

Below is what has been indicated in that study area. White callouts below are original in the document and refer to other detailed views provided as part of the park's application. Orange callouts were added after reviewing the document, so they are not original; they refer to what we believe each noted feature in the diagram represents, based on text in the document.

That particularly large square-ish structure on the south side of the Rhine is a large dredged sediment capture basin, intended to provide controlled drainage not only for water runoff, but also for noteworthy quantities of sediment washed downhill during "runoff events," e.g. rainstorms. It seems the magnitude of the sediment containment challenge is lighter on the north bank, where a much smaller drainage basin appears as a small indicated feature.

Of particular interest is the sequence of rectangular structures across the breadth of the Rhine. These are described as concrete cap structures sitting atop wood pilings. There is plenty of obvious opportunity for speculation here, and more than one possible interpretation of the structures' purpose. But the document quite deliberately avoids noting any specifics about these structures' intended use. And it overtly states that it is keeping those specifics confidential. So, to keep this particular post mostly confined to a description of what the document actually describes -- despite some active and ongoing sidebar conversations -- I'll let the speculation about these structures come from others for now.

Interesting, no?

Just to reiterate: None of the above is definitively known to be happening at this time. Designs can change, budgets can change, priorities can change... the info here represents our most reasonable interpretation of a single document which dates from over a year ago. This is a good time to extend a double-barrel disclaimer: caveat emptor and you get what you pay for.


Silver Donor
Jun 16, 2013
The layout and description of the structures looks and sounds like bridge pilings to me. Maybe we are looking another Rhine crossing that would link the old DF sight with the planned Madrid location. Wood pilings don't sound coaster related to me.
Aug 21, 2016
I doubt the coaster is gonna cross the Rhine so yeah this sounds like another bridge and something possibly going in that Festhaus area
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