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Jun 2, 2011
Raleigh, NC said:
Germany's Phantasialand surprised us all today but revealing on social media that they are planning to build the world's first launched flying roller coaster as their next big attraction.

The announcement came via this video that the park shared:

The video starts by detailing the major additions the park has made in the last decade or so, which include three roller coasters, flat rides, an interactive dark ride and an elaborate log flume. Even with that much added the park isn't stopping!

The video ends with the announcement of what they're calling F.L.Y., the "first flying launched coaster" and also "the longest flying coaster in the world." Those are all the facts that are stated, other than that it will be located in Rookburgh within the park. Rookburgh is a newly announced area for Phantasialand, which Theme Park Guide described as appearing to carry a theme based on "steam punk; futurism and the Victorian era."

Taking a look at RCDB's statistics for flying coasters, it appears that right now the longest is Flying Dinosaur at Universal Studios Japan, which is 3,688 feet long. What makes F.L.Y.'s record more impressive is that it doesn't have a lift hill to add track length, with launch sections taking up far less track.

As for manufacturer, that's a guess right now. Obviously B&M is known for their flying coasters, but Vekoma has also thrown their name in the ring over the years as well. And technically the park hasn't said the new ride is for 2018, though that seems a safe assumption since they're teasing it already.

After the park's most recent coaster, Taron, opened to rave reviews and stunning theming, I have very high hopes for this next project!

So based on conversation over in this thread and some digging that Zachary did. I'm inclined to believe that this is a completely new design from Vekoma. They've been granted several patents for a new type of flying coaster and this very well may be the first of it's kind.
Construction shots of F.L.Y. in "Rookburgh”
Via @teamloopings on Twitter.


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It looks amazing, but I really hope they figured out how to make the loading WAY faster. I'd hate to have to wait 10 hours to ride it.
The rotation to flying position looks slick, but the rotation from flying position looks like it happens too late. You're going to be sideways for a bit. It was only a prototype, though. Maybe they've improved that for the real thing.
I feel like this ride is flying under the radar. Nobody seems to be talking about it, at least not in the States.
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