News Area Project 2019: Star Wars Galaxy's Edge (East)

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Nov 24, 2009
Our preview of Star Wars Galaxys Edge this past weekend at Walt Disney World couldnt have been more amazing! You really do feel like you are somewhere other than in a central Florida themepark. Tried both blue and green milk, ate at Cargo Bay 7, checked out all the merchndise "stalls", and had some great character interactions. Cany wait to be back 2 days after the official opening! View: View: View: View:


Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
So Star Wars Land

Its amazing. IDK if I like it more than DIagon, but I definitely love the land more than Pandora.

Its fully immersive and there's so much to see and do.
The specialty merch is great. Overpriced, but great.
Seeing the real Millennium Falcon up close and personal is mindblowing.
Just be sure to wait for standby on Millennium Falcon at least once. After that, single rider is your best friend.
No droid or lightsaber building this time. All my souvenir money went into pins lol.

Don't go to Ronto Roasters. Their signature meal is a $13 hot dog. You can do much better going to Epcot and getting food or hitting up Woody's Lunchbox instead.

Smuggler's Run is really cool. I got gunner twice, pilot once and engineer every other time. Engineer is relatively easy. All you do is slap the flashy lights when they light up in your peripheral vision. Gunner is alright. I did auto targeting both times so I could focus on the screen. Pilot gets the best view but its kinda hard to steer. I feel like there's a half second delay between your steering and the ship moving. The ride changes based on how well you follow the directions so there's a lot of room for rerides (and you definitely need to reride multiple times to get the full experience).

The land does still feel incomplete without Rise of the Resistance so I'm ready for that to open soon and I can't wait to come back and experience Star Wars all over again.
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