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The lack of trees is my only reason for not liking Meltdown as much as the others. If the trees are finally filling in, it's too late. I wonder why Meltdown wasn't put in a place like Aquazoid. AZ's area is very shady, but you don't get to appreciate it that much on the ride itself since it's mostly in the dark.
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Dollywood's Splash Country has a water coaster. I rode it last year. It was fun, but not as good as I anticipated. I thought it was more of a gimmick than a great ride. Hopefully Water Country's will be better. I'm surprised that there are no seatbelts on this type of ride.

There was a recent post showing engineering staff looking around the area near Meltdown. However that ride and others in that section are newer than many others. If something will be removed, my guess would be Wild Thang, Rampage, and the theater. That is an older and under-utilized area. Hopefully I'm wrong since both are great rides and Rampage is unique.
+1 for Krakatau. It's the only one I've ever been on, but I thought it was a blast and certainly unique. Of course it helps that the park was nearly deserted and we got to ride back to back to back.

I also agree that the Wild Thang/Rampage area is criminally underused, but from memory, perhaps the terrain there would be an issue for an aquacoaster? IIRC, it pretty hilly, or maybe there's a ravine or something. It's a definite uphill walk from the exit of Wild Thang.
I have to agree with Zach, Dollywood's water coaster is a snoozefest compared to the others ProSlide has put out, but still quite fun none-the-less. I don't know why there aren't more of these at water parks around the country.
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