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Indiana Beach Vibe
May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia
Alright I'm sure we've all seen Lance talk about it a few times but recently discussion has picked up from the locals about the possibility of a Dark Ride being installed in Cedar Point in the near future. Ouimet, an ex-Disney exec, is a huge dark ride guy so it's no surprise that Cedar Point would be getting one while he's around, but from the murmurs I've heard (and from a friend of mine who's there right now for a few days) this isn't going to be some Boo Blaster's dark ride and instead something on the level of Darkastle.

The easiest place for Cedar Point to put a dark ride in without much trouble is their coliseum building, which right now is just a giant arcade and major event ballroom. Not much would need to be done in order to modify the building to house a dark ride and everything that can go along with one. They have plenty of space to work with for this new attraction, since this building is pretty darn big.


As for what kind of dark ride it could be I couldn't begin to hasten a guess, and that's where our speculation comes in.
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Aug 28, 2012
While we were at CW this last week they announced the dark ride Wonder Mountain's Guardian. They announced that there is nothing else like it anywhere and it will open with the park in 2014. The idea of it sounds very cool. I'm wondering if this is a "test" ride for them and they're considering putting this in at other parks, like CP, if it is successful.
We saw the giant holes cut in the side of the mountain where something was clearly going in. Also, I'm hoping that this will help with the length of their lines by having another attraction.
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