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May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia
Screamscape posted a picture and a concept name that Darien Lake released to guests as a survey about their next project. By the sounds of it this thing is going to be just as insane as Outlaw Run.

screamscape said:
2014 - Lake Monster - Planning - (7/22/13) Darien Lake has sent out a guest survey this month that mentions a possible new roller coaster for 2014. They call it the Lake Monster and it sounds similar to Rocky Mountain Coaster’s Outlaw Run (and has a picture of it) that opened as sister park, Silver Dollar City. The description says it would feature the first “wing over drop” on a wooden coaster, a “Zero-G Camelback Hop Reversal” and “Suspended corkscrew” all within a 3,190 foot long course.


Wing-Over Drop sounds to me like the drop that's prominently used on the B&M Wing Coasters. I can't even hasten a guess at what a "Zero-G Camelback Hop Reversal" is, and a "Suspended Corkscrew" is just as odd. Just what does Darien Lake have in mind and what are the engineers at RMC sampling when they design these rides?

EDIT: Could that mouthful of an element be the famous '153' that Outlaw Run has?
Maybe a "suspended corkscrew" could be something like this? (The prefab supports look awful, I know)


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