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May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia
Ofcourse if you read on screamscape, Lance got word that Great Adventure is considering a new flat ride package for 2012... another forum I frequent has been talking about this since Green Lantern's media day and we didn't feel the need to tell Lance until more evidence pointed as such.

Considering isn't close to what management said, they PROMISED that there would be a new flat package for 2012. What flats do you think the park could use? I personally think they need the basics and maybe a new drop tower.
They definitely need some marquee flats there. I say a drop tower and maybe a giant frisbee would both be nice additions as they could help balance out the skyline of coasters there. I'd also like to see some basic flats as you said.
Its official Sky Screamer, a musical scrambler, bumper cars, and the return of the Royal Elephants are coming to Great Adventure in 2012[/quote]

Both extreme and family thrills are on tap for 2012! Theme park guests will have more to scream about with the introduction of SkyScreamer. The newest sensation in tower rides, SkyScreamer will take swing rides to the next level and join the park’s already breathtaking lineup of thrills as it whisks guests up, up and away high over the park, feet dangling and hair blowing. Towering 15 stories above the ground, SkyScreamer will reside next to the classic Big Wheel. Thirty-two guests will board the ride and sit two across in open-air swings as they climb to the top of the SkyScreamer tower while spinning round and round. At full swing, guests will soar in a 98-ft. circle at speeds of 40 mph high above the park below.

The park is also introducing two new, yet classic, family attractions– bumper cars and a music-themed scrambler. Guests will also be greeted with the return of the popular flying elephants ride, which formerly made its home in The Golden Kingdom section of the theme park. At Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, it’s go big, go extreme– with the addition of exciting, new drop boxes guaranteed to ramp up the thrill factor at the slide tower known as “The Falls.” Guests will climb into a clear, fully-enclosed launch capsule and begin the nerve-wracking countdown to the moment when the floor literally disappears beneath them and sends them into a freefall at speeds of up to 32 mph.
Personally, I am glad that Great Adventure is taking these steps with both the water park and the theme park. Shapiro said he would do all these things to the park but the only thing I would give him is that he did the complete opposite. The good part about them adding flat rides is that they will be occupying old spots that previous flat rides were once operating. The old Chaos pad, the wave swinger pad and the old evolution pad are the spots where these rides are going. Hopefully Great Adventure will take care of it and add some gardens around the queue line so it isn't a total eyesore of concrete and metal like they were the last ten years.

We really need to expand these parts of the forums like Cedar Fair and SWP&E are currently. There's too much going on in each park to lump them all in one subforum.
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