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Apr 29, 2011
Screamscape is reporting a possible Giga-coaster for KBF in 2012.

2012 - Giga Coaster - Rumor - (6/27/11) This rumor is a bit out there… so please take it all with a big chunk of salt in case it’s entirely bogus, but I’ve been sent a short list of very impressive stats for what Knott’s next coaster project MIGHT BE. As I said… this is all very out there right now, and if these stats are even close to being true for a possible 2012 project, Knott’s is going to have to start work on this project very soon.

Now, you might be asking yourselves, if the rumor is so wild, why do I post it at all? Simply because the stats match up with what I’ve been hearing about for the past year… that Knott’s was in the process of designing their version of version of Intimidator. This is said to be an Intamin Giga-coaster of the highest degree, with a custom layout inspired by both Intimidator 305 and Millennium Force. In short, Knott’s could be on the verge of building what many might consider to be the best roller coaster in the world.

While I don’t know anything really solid about the layout, it very well could travel throughout quite a bit of the park. Many might recall all those crazy survey markings that appeared throughout about half of the park about a year ago. The overall length of the ride is rumored to be just shy of 6000 feet, putting it just slightly behind Disney’s California Screamin’ coaster in overall length. As for the height… we’re talking about a coaster that could stand just shy of 340 feet with an amazing 85º first drop back down to Earth. As long as the actual height of the first drop was at least 328 feet, I believe the top speed of this coaster would hit at least 100 mph. That would make this ride the tallest and fastest NON-LAUNCHED coaster in the entire world. One for the record books for sure… now if only our crystal ball is clear on this one. Wait and see… wait and see

I don't see this happening mostly because the park is full and doesn't really have any room for something this big. It is also landlocked and can not expand. They'd have to build it over a ton of existing attractions. It would be amazing if they pulled it off though.
Bumping because of this:

(8/15/12) Knott’s Berry Farm has confirmed the rumors that have been swirling around Perilous Plunge lately, saying that the intense splashdown ride will take it’s last Plunge after Labor Day. The ride is being removed to make room for a future project (scroll down), which sounds like the long rumored Giga Coaster is ready to roll at last.

(8/15/12) Knott’s new 2013 coaster looks like it should be moving full steam ahead at last. The rumors all point to a Giga sized coaster, possibly in the range of 325-340 feet tall. Intamin is still the rumored designer, though I have heard B&M’s name dropped as well a couple of times. All those wild survey markers seen around the park about 18 months ago may all come into play once again, with a crazy ride layout that could very well run wild over a large portion of the park.

Personally I don't like the idea of a Giga Coaster going in a park that is so crammed for space. As the ride is built sections of the park will have to be closed in order to properly prepare the areas with footers and supports. On the other hand they sure as hell have the space for something to replace Plunge, maybe the brake run, station and maintenance bay of a gargantuan coaster.
Even with the removal of Perilous Plunge it'll be very interesting to see how they squeeze this in. PP does take up a nice size of land but definitely not enough to fit a good portion of a gigacoaster. This ride, if the size of Intimidator, will definitely be overlapping and dwarfing other attractions in the park.
Intamin's arch they've been using with a cable lift, That's how they can make a giga fit in Perlious Plunge's space. I don't like the idea, but I'm not gonna throw this rumor under the bus just yet...
With what the rival parks have added in the last two years (SFMM, USH, WDL, etc.) Knott's has to step-up BIG TIME in order to keep their attendance figures.
Youhow2 said:
Intamin's arch they've been using with a cable lift, That's how they can make a giga fit in Perlious Plunge's space. I don't like the idea, but I'm not gonna throw this rumor under the bus just yet...

There's more to a gigacoaster than just the lift. Fitting something like I305 in that spot would cause the coaster to take up almost all of the back half of the park alone.
You're going to see a lot of over and under-passing if a coaster of this size gets built. There's simply not enough space to jam a 300 ft. tall coaster in the space of a Super Splash (unless it's the world's first giga-wild mouse :D).
and it looks like that gigantic brake run on Leviathan was from this rumored Giga according to Screamscape. I can kind of buy it since Leviathan was so last second, but it's so. damn. ugly. I hope they don't do it again.
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