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Sep 23, 2009
Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:
Stay cool, relax and enjoy the many benefits and amenities from one of our new Cabana rentals at Busch Gardens, for up to four people

- Each cabana includes seating for (4), a locker, (4) Quick Queue passes, a refrigerator, (8) bottles of water or soft drinks, (4) Lorikeet nectar feeds and (1) Single-Day PhotoKey membership.
- Maximum capacity for each cabana is (4) people.
- Cabanas are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
- Rental fee does not include park admission.
- Pass members receive a special rate by logging into the pass member website.

Prices starting from $120.00

The cabanas are hidden here on the BGW website.
Since no one else has commented, and I am a happy cabana renter, maybe I should provide some thoughts?

I really like having a private, shaded retreat in the middle of the day. When the park is especially hot and crowded I enjoy stopping for a few moments to have a drink and sit near the fan. It is a nice place to eat lunch, as well. In fact, we took several of our dishes at the F&WF back to out cabana; it was fairly convenient and much cooler than outside.

The location is ab fab. We get to check out all of the animal exhibits, since it is right there in the Wild Reserve. I am certain I have run into more of the keepers, when I make the cabana "home base" than I would naturally see on a visit to the park. Along those lines, it a great place to meet up with friends and family. (Much less chaotic than Big Ben, for example.)

I believe the prices vary, depending on the date. When you factor in the price of the quick queues, locker, and drinks, the cabana is usually a pretty good deal, at least to me. (My husband might disagree.)

My two complaints are that they removed the front curtain, and I would prefer a ceiling fan.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I love the cabanas.
I want to add a new perk that came with our cabana last night. I'm not sure if this is new or simply a special for HOS.

Last night, we were given four free cups of nectar at Lorikeet Glen with our cabana rental. Since we always feed the lorikeets, this was really cool for us.

I have to say that the cabana at HOS is a great deal, especially if you already plan to get Quick Queues. The cost of the cabana is significantly less than the cost of four QQs, and of course the cabana includes more than just the QQs. I don't have the exact numbers available right now, but I believe that for the last Sunday of HOS, the cabana was less than $100 (with a Platinum discount), and QQs were $40 each (with Platinum discount).
OK. I am hoping that the website just needs to be updated, but at the moment there are no cabanas listed for rental.

My fear is that without animals for the displays in the Wild Reserve, there will huge changes in that area...possibly including the removal of my beloved cabanas.
I wouldn't be so worried about it. It seems the exclusives at the park have yet to be updated. A lot of the tours aren't showing up as of right now(not in reference to the removed zoological tours), unless those were all cut too. :/
I was thinking the same way as Nicole. We do the Cabana every time we are there. It gives us a good place to store things plus it included quick queues. The cabanas are usually cheaper that just getting the quick queues in the offseason. I am really hoping they are just delayed in updating the site.
Matthew said:
I wouldn't be so worried about it. It seems the exclusives at the park have yet to be updated. A lot of the tours aren't showing up as of right now(not in reference to the removed zoological tours), unless those were all cut too. :/

I kind of take back what I said about the tours, turns out the missing ones were cut. :/
It seems that the cabanas are back with some changes. As has been noted, the free photo has been replaced with a single-day PhotoKey.

More importantly, the prices have gone up...dramatically:
$120 in the Spring;
$150 from the end of May through the end of September; and
$250 starting September 25th.

So, for Howl-O-Scream this year cabanas will cost more than three times the base price and twice the cost at HOS last year.

I understand that they are looking for ways to make money, but I do not believe that the cabanas are really that price inelastic. Honestly, I generally get a cabana everywhere I can, and even I am feeling deterred by this new price point.

What worries me more is the implication for Quick Queue prices during HOS. Generally, the four QQs make up the bulk of the price of the cabana, so that could mean they may cost $50-$60 per person.

It is worth noting that we checked out the cabanas on Pass Member Preview Day. They looked exactly the way we left them at the end of last season, to include the furniture we moved around. Furthermore, as someone who rents them regularly, I have noticed more and more maintenance issues with the cabanas: broken fans, burned out lights, holes in the ceiling, etc. So, I do not believe they are spending much money on upkeep.

That would be fine, I guess, but it is hard to justify raising the price this much without also improving the accommodations.

Somehow, BGW has upset the biggest cabana advocate on the Forum...
I love the Cabanas.  Being old and broken sometimes I just need to stop and... well... be old.  I really enjoy having a place to go and relax that is out of the way and fairly quiet.  Plus the serval is often nearby and I enjoy his company.  (even if he does not enjoy mine)

That all being said, $250 bucks is a bit much. It makes me a sad panda.
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Has Nicole ever done any of the cabanas at KD?
Sorrys. Is there a thread for KD ones?

Edit: Oops. Just read Zachary's post.
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We booked a cabana for Memorial day weekend. The price for pass members is $100 that weekend. Since passmember price for quick queue goes up to $31 that weekend it does not seem that bad. Still more than I usually pay. Plus we already have the annual photo key. I am thinking I might see if someone in the area when we check in wants to give busch gardens their email address for the photokey. I don't want to waste it.
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