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May 30, 2013
With Bitten (hopefully) on the chopping book next year, I decided to come up with what I think would be a cool replacement. The house would be prison themed and be called "Prison Escape" or something like that (I don't love the name). As you wait in line, you watch old security footage of a prison break. There are a ton of condemned signs scattered all over the place. When you reach the front of the line, your group is pulled a little ways down the path to watch the preshow video. The video is a news report much like deadline, but less corny. A news reporter talks about the prison break that happened 10 years ago. How some of the worlds most dangerous criminals were locked inside, so rather than let them escape, the government completely locked down the jail, trapping the prisoners inside. Some think they all rotted in their cells, some think they found a way to survive. While the video is playing, we should see shots of the reporter standing in front of a run down jail, clips of the prison break taking place, and still photos of the prison before the prison break.

After the video, your group starts off towards the house. You pass lots of broken, rusty, blood splattered chain link fences and plenty of condemned signs. There is a lot of the thick dry ice type fog sliding across the ground. You walk into the house, and are greeted by rows of cells on either side of you. The doors are locked, and there are rotting corpses inside. You can hear flys buzzing. (Actually the corpses might have to e changed to less scary skeletons, depending on how closely the park wishes to follow the story). The lighting should be something like one swinging light hanging from the ceiling. Next you turn a corner and are greeted by another row of cells, these ones open. As you walk down scare actors can leap out of the dark of there cells and scare the you, some bang on the bars of the cells. One of the cells is clearly illuminated and you can see a prisoner inside sitting on his bed, eating a rat. All of the prisoners will be wearing old dirty bloody orange jumpsuits and will all have different facial scars or disconfigurments. The next room will be the showers, it will be basically be set up exactly like deadline's well done bathroom, but replace the toilets with showers. There should be a good amount of prisoners in this room. Some prisoners scream, others mutter creepy things to themselves, and still others threaten you menacingly. Some can also be holding things like shards of broken glass or small knives. next, we walk into a room with the electric chair in the middle. The room smells like burning flesh and we can clearly see one prison guard in the chair, and the rest in a pile on the floor right next to it. This room will look a lot like the dentist room in 13 with the illuminated chair in the middle, and then scare actors leaping from the darkness all around. You will then pass through the prison cafeteria, complete with lots o prisoners jumping out at you and rats on the cafeteria menu. Then you will pass under a sign saying that you are entering the insane asylum/ solitary confinement part of the prison. You walk down a long white hallway that has lots of very creepy writing and drawings on the wall. As you walk down the I'm hall, insane prisoners pop out of those slide down hole in the wall things that they have in deadline. You then walk pass the insane prisoner's cells, here are prisoners laughing maniacally or muttering creepily to themselves in straight jackets, while others write on the walls and still others jump out and scare you. At the end of the row of cells, you go into the cell on your right and see a huge tunnel that has been dug through the wall. The tunnel will be nearly pitch black and you will have to feel your way along the walls which will have different creepy textures. The house will then end with a huge scary scripted event that I am yet to come up with. Any suggestions?

Because of the parks new direction with territories, the prisoners have spread to the outside of the maze as well. Prisoners can walk around dragging their ball ad chain behind them an just jump out and scare guests all over the place. The shops can all be rethemed but I didn't take the time to come up with the names for all of them.

I this is pulled off correctly, it could be an awesome modern HOS house with deadline level theming and immersion.
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I would be thrilled if they did this! They should ask for help from Busch Gardens Tampa. In fact, I wouldn't mind if Busch Gardens Williamsburg borrowed the defunct Death Row:Vengeance from Busch Gardens Tampa. Sadly, from what I've heard so far, Bitten is still not on the chopping block. Remember that it will already cost them a lot of money to demolish the set for Bitten, which is mainly why they haven't removed it already.
Be nice if BGT could send but has to do with inventory and recycle props. I like your idea but would probably work better as mental asylum just because having attacked security officer actors, may not tie in to well where demented drs and orderlies might. You should work in P&D
I like it. Having a prison surrounded by "dense" forest and all over grown would look AMAZING!! To make it work with the theme, it could be a German prison with a woman as the news report having a REALLY heavy accent. (Like Gerta:p)
you could have a vampire movie being shone on a small TV as a throwback to Bitten. Returning guests who love the park, they love easter eggs. This is a great idea! For a title why not "Isolation" and the line could be done like BGT Alone, and send a small group of no more than 7.
Hoopla said:
I like it. Having a prison surrounded by "dense" forest and all over grown would look AMAZING!! To make it work with the theme, it could be a German prison with a woman as the news report having a REALLY heavy accent. (Like Gerta:p)

That sounds cool in theory, but in Germany, prisons are almost laughable. A German prison would look way too nice for a haunted house. Again, I think they could simply borrow Death Row:Vengeance from BGT. I love the "Easter egg" idea, though.
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