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I can see your point to a degree....but sometime concepts are initially vague, and require discussion amongst a group, rather than conceived & conceptualized by a single person....Which is why this is the second time I've proposed a concept & you've nailed me for it.

I admire your desire to get as much detail from the OP as possible, and you should, but sometimes concepts are just a simple idea...That's what this forum thread is for. To discuss details of said idea, isn't it?
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It is not that I am nailing you for your concepts. It is just that, most concepts should have details. Yes some concepts may seem like they don't need much detail but in the end most of them have many details. When posting a concept I always think of all the possible questions that can be asked that would make the initial idea a large detailed concept. Posting my concepts, I try to answer as many questions before people ask them and try to iron out all the issues so to speak.

For example I would present your idea like such:

Princess Bride Street Acting

Imagine if the park was able to have street performers in Killarney and San Marco. These street performers would interact with guests, and while interacting with guests they would make many Princess Bride references as they can. They can have the performers appear on a schedule, perhaps much like the Killarney Street Band or the Oompa Band that played on the pathways. They can have the performers for Illuminights. These performers could also be great for picture opportunities. They obviously couldn't be exact remakes of the Princess Bride characters but they can make the references while still providing a more detailed atmosphere.

My point is, I tried to provide as much details to limit questions and get either a negative response with constructive criticism or positive response.

Also, I forgot to mention that your first concept posted, was a fine idea however it was able to be posted with much more detail. This concept was probably just a bit harder to create details but it is possible after much thought. I just don't want to seem like I am trying to take your ideas by expanding on them greatly.
IndyRacingNut said:
Hey Nora!!! How about a Italy wine tasting w/Vezzini on the other side of the table??
"NEVER go against a Sicilian....When DEATH is on the line! AHAHAHAHAHAHA......THUD"

Well if there were a world where we could have Princess Bride characters in Italy, then I vote for Monty Python characters in England! Or maybe even Shaun of the Dead.

"You've got red on you."

Of course, going back to the Princess Bride- Vezzini did say to Buttercup: " A word, my lady. We are but poor, lost circus performers. Is there a village nearby?" :p

And there my friends, begins the plot of street performers from the Princess Bride.
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