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Apr 9, 2013
How epically awesome would that be?

Swordfights between Wesley & Inigo Montoya.....

Vezzini yelling at, well...everybody...

Buttercup could be a "Princess" of sorts for the younger girls that come to the park...
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I don't see the park doing brand licensing for a 26 year-old movie.
Wow! You guys tolerate and build up around ideas way more outrageous and unlikely than this. I like it!!

chickenking said:
Wow! You guys tolerate and build up around ideas way more outrageous and unlikely than this. I like it!!

It is not that we are not tolerating it. My personal reason is there is no logistical information that is presented with this concept to make it reality. With most other concepts posted, mine as well, they include in depth details of how the concept would work and go into place. Also, when it comes down to it, the park hasn't had any roaming performers in years and it is extremely unlikely they would add them especially with all the things Entertainment needs to pay for such as special events and other things.

I am not trying to be a downer on the concept. Personally, the basic idea at hand is definitely an interesting one; but like I said once you bring reality into it with little detail, things change.

I mean absolutely no offense Indy, I am only offering some constructive criticism. I suggest, when posting new concepts or updating current ones, to include much more in depth detail to give us a feel for the idea as if we have already experienced it through your words alone. Rather than just throwing out a one to two sentence idea. Like I said, just a tip to help you out.
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I'm confused as to how much more detail I could possibly provide. Character actors roaming a hamlet or two, interacting with each other and the GP. I appreciate any constructive criticism, but I'm not sure what other "in-depth details" I could add other than these characters would add to the ambiance of the hamlet itself.
Hey Nora!!! How about a Italy wine tasting w/Vezzini on the other side of the table?? I'd GLADLY pay $15 for someone "in character" having a "poisoned" wine discussion...hahaha!!

"NEVER go against a Sicilian....When DEATH is on the line! AHAHAHAHAHAHA......THUD"
Seriously! How fun would it be to have a wine tasting session w/someone like Vezzini??

"Clearly I cannot drink the wine in front of me, because you would have put the poisoned wine as far away from you as possible, so I cannot possibly drink the wine in front of me! etc etc etc...."

"Truly you have a dizzying intellect."
"Wait till I get started!!"

I think I'd easily pay double the asking price just to have that kind of interaction while doing the wine tastings.....BGW could make a KILLING off that just from the entertainment factor alone.
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I refer to the animated .GIF CK posted....

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."


I would've suggested they bring in actors dressed like the ones from Rocky Horror Picture Show for gay day, but see, I think family-style entertainment when I come up with potential ideas for fun....LOL
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