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Jun 24, 2021
I wanted to know everyone's guesses to what lands and rides we could see at Epic Universe. In my opinion I'm not sure if Universal should make a 4th park in the current state of things especially with Universal needing a lot of attention compared to Islands of Adventure, regardless here's my prediction of what we could see in the new park.

Nintendo World - This is the only sure thing in the park at this moment. It will probably have 3 to 4 rides from Mario Kart (hopefully updated version), Yoshi people mover, a Donkey Kong coaster and imho a Zelda ride or experience. I really feel like Zelda should be in this park since it still has a large following.

Illumination Land - It has been confirmed that the "Illumination" brand of movies will be coming to the park. I feel that that they should make "Zones" within the land to have a new Minions ride (with some shops and restaurants and area themed to the Minions franchise.) How to train your pets ride and finally a "Sing" ride. All of these rides brought over from Universals other parks.

Lands that will not make it - Harry Potter, How to Train your dragons, and possibly the Monster Area.

Harry Potter - In my opinion will not make it to the park and think any rides slotted for this area will move to Universal such as a flying broomstick ride and possibly another dark ride replacing Fear factor.

How to train your Dragon - With no new movies coming and a small and not very popular franchise I just don't see this coming at all.

Monsters - Again just not that big of a draw, better kept for the Halloween Horror nights and so on.

Lands that I think "Will" make it in...

Star Trek Universe
- With Harry Potter not making it's way into the park and with more movies coming and a "cult" like following of this franchise, this would be a direct competitor to the Star Wars area in Disney. With the old ride in Las Vegas making over $70 million and having an early ride in Universal, plus with it literally called "EPIC UNIVERSE", you need a strong space themed franchise that could carry the park.
This land could have at least 3 rides, the Star Fleet Cadet shuttle training Coaster (which is already in concept form on the map). A Borg/Klingon encounter ride similar to the "Rise of the Resistance" but incorporating more tech. I think another ride could be a "Landing Party" type shooting game like Men in Black. The entire land could be themed like a "Starbase" and have starships docked and even leaving port to add immersion.

Sponge Bob - I think we could still see this franchise come in this park. It has longevity with generations of people from young kids to their parents who grew up watching Sponge Bob. I think this would be the perfect franchise to open several rides that would be great all ages.

Universal Movie Lot - Make this area a smaller version of the original Universal Studios with it's most beloved rides and movies that should not have ever left but updated. For example, a Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, and Jaws. These 3 movies/rides need to make their way back into the park because they are timeless.

What are your guys predictions and or do you like any of my ideas........
I think they'll shove something HP in there due to the money draw it is. Possibly the Ministry of Magic. I can see them twinning the Secret Life of Pets ride. Spongebob would be great. There's a lot you could do with that world.
I heard a rumor about............the French Ministry of Magic? I mean if they just build that I feel like we would just be scraping the absolute bottom of the Harry Potter barrel.
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I heard a rumor about............the French Ministry of Magic? I mean if they just build that I feel like we would just be scraping the absolute bottom of the Harry Potter barrel.
I heard that they are probably getting rid of it and or moving into Universal side. If it's true then I feel like the only viable franchises for Epic are the ones posted in my original post. They also have the options of making new movies just like Ghostbusters, Star Trek and I'm sure more new Sponge Bob's. Some say that Sponge Bob being in other areas of the country would dilute the Universal experience but I feel that it has the longevity and still a great following for all ages and it would be up to Universal to make that land great.
I think Harry Potter will make it into the land because one of the biggest things that drives hopper tickets vs single park tickets is the ability to travel on the train. It would almost be foolish not to extend that into a third park.... plus the following is absolutely huge. I say this as someone who doesn't like the franchise.

I also think Monsters is absolutely going to be a land and one of the reasons that solidifies this for me is that they closed the monsters cafe which I think is a sign that they are going to centralize the monsters. I wouldn't be surprised to see the make up show and other associated monsters things in the main park close as we get closer to the opening of Epic and then see all of those open with it.

Star Trek would actually make sense but that would depend on whether they want to license something that large when there are so many other options in their portfolio that they wouldn't have to license. Additionally, with Paramount somewhat dipping it's toe back into theme parks it's possible that ViacomCBS may not want to license it easily.

I also think How to Train Your Dragon is possible..... whether or not there are movies planned or not there is a lot of following and this would make sense for family oriented rides.......
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