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Apr 8, 2022
What’s the process for this? I signed my 4 year old up for it and now have it on the app. Do I really have to bring her birth certificate? She isn’t big or anything so looks like a 4 year old (Trying to avoid a trip to the safe deposit box)
You can just take a picture of the birth certificate on your phone. It’s not too strict but they will ask for some kind of verification. I literally just showed them the pic of it on my phone and we were good to go. (I edited this post as it auto corrected “take” to “fake” which we did not do!)
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That was supposed to be TAKE not fake. I took our entire birth certificate the lady said “we only need a picture of it.” I promise I don’t cheat the system!!
this pass is just a way to inflate the ridership for I305

for context the ride is for babies, babies are in pre k and can get this pass, its gotta be a HUGE overlap
if they built a ride like giraffe racers, a dueling b&m giga coaster, then there would nobody w a pre k pass riding it as it would be the most intense coaster ever, thoughts?
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