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Mar 16, 2016
So I was thinking about what came up some with the talk around expansion in the Project 2021 thread. Given it's been floated around that there's going to be more focus on attractions and less on the hamlets themselves. I took it upon myself to section off the park, overlay a few different maps (pipeline, easements, RPA's, waterways, topographical), and used everything that came out of it to pick potential spots that would have minimal impact on the current features of the park. That means I picked spaces that would have less than a 5% grade (minimal regrading), minimal tree removal (Lower visual impact), easy access (reducing the "off the beaten path" feeling).

I'm going to add what I think I would like to see with each area, but I think it can give some "guidance" if anyone else wants to put forth their own concepts too it. If you feel there's a place that I possibly missed, let me know, but for the most parts I get everything I think I could get. The last challenge was doing this where I didn't really 'lose' anything other than game stands. I circled and numbered each area as well to make it easier to talk about. After I cleaned out all the layers to leave you with just the google earth layer to deal with.


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Mar 16, 2016
Ok, so I want to be putting forth some of my thoughts, on what can be done with the areas presented, along with what I think would be a decent timeline.

Festa Italia:
Plot #1 - It would be nice to fill out the garden area with a 4th ride to complete the semi circle. Yes what I put in there avoids the pipeline easements too. I would put here a Chance Ride Clockworkz like was installed for the first time ever in Luna Park at Coney Island. I think setting this up with a lot of gear looking parts could be a cool addition. Timing wise, after Pantheon in 2020, Project 2021, for the third year this would be part of a three flat package for 2022.

Plot #2 - Pantheon does not touch this area, and it's off the pipeline easement as well. This would not be a ride/flat package area. Slated for further down the line in 2025 as the high of Pantheon starts to die off some, I'm building a small shops area along with a wine cellar/garden. If you do this right, plant some trees, the noise from Pantheon and RR should be quiet enough to make a nice little corner of the park.

Plot #1 - Ok. So this is the one area I am going to 'ignore' some the information that is out there that there won't be much work to the hamlets. I would redo this area into a Greek themed mini-hamlet. The key for me is the timing, where I wouldn't start this until 2026. Plot #1 is going to be a mini-theater/food area, where the show is "The Trial of Zeus". Zeus is up for trial by Hera for once again being unfaithful. Different gods and offspring of Zeus comment on his character, and the audience is the jury to decide what Zeus fate shall be.

Plot #2 - This one would come much further down the road in 2027 where a RMC Raptor is built out running right next to EfP (more on that in a second). I would theme the ride after Spartan warriors, and tell the story of how to prove your worthiness to walk their land, you must undertake the test of a Spartan warrior. If you pass you become 1 of the 300.

Escape from Pompeii - with some slight rework inside, some work outside, this could be "Posiden's Plunge". As you board Posiden's magic boats for a tour of his kingdom, it becomes known that someone on this boat stole his trident. In a fit of rage he starts destroying his castle til he plunges you from his kingdom (the drop), where it turns out he just left his trident where he picked you up (in the turn around).

Plot #1 - Castle O'Sullivan. A seemingly "doomed" location for a ride. So I know that we already got Mach Tower with almost doubles as a drop tower and observation tower; so I thought what would be cool here is an S&S Double Shot Launch Tower that launches from inside COS. This is one that I'm blanking on the story of what to do. I want to tie it into BfE somehow, but all that's coming into mind is the story of Dr Doom down at IoA. But one thing I know for sure I would carry over is it launches from inside the building starting in 2022 as part of the 3 flats in one year.

Plot #2 - Ok, this is an idea that I'm really proud of and I think is really cool. A complete interactive wall of the ecosystems of the world. A big board of touchscreens where they show how an ecosystem works, and you can introduce different elements (animals, disease, heat, cold, rain, drought). A few times throughout the day an animal trainer comes out to talk about how these ecosystems depend on different elements. I would aim to get this board up in 2023.

France/New France:
So there's only 1 plot here, and I've been battling with it. Entry through New France or just France. RPT is really a major block to getting back here, but I would love to reintroduce Le Mans back in this area, to open in 2024.

Plot #1 - A very tiny space, that would be part of the 2022 three flats package. In here I would put an Intamin Spinning star themed to a German Maypole dance. It fits in a small space and is a rather unique flat ride that would be really cool for this park to have.

Plot #2 - CoDK's old plot/building. I've struggled a while with this one to be honest. And I came up with something really awesome. An Intamin Ultra Tower put into the building, for "Ludwig's Grimm Tours". Open in 2025 the idea is you are to get taken on a tour of the legends of the Brothers Grimm when Ludwig (from CoDK) sees a full moon and turns back into a wolf, and the only thing that can save you is the heroes of the tales of the Brothers Grimm.

Plot #1 - To open in 2030 (9 years after P2021) a Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster 400 called "Wolves Revenge". Big Bad Wolf was a great family coaster that filled a great spot, and I think a nice 'area counter' to a big thrill coaster would be a smaller more family friendly coaster. A callback to Big Bad Wolf back in this area would be really cool, and using Vekoma's family suspended coaster would be a real welcome addition.

Plot #2 - Aside from the interactive wall this would be something to open 2 years after P2021, so in 2023 I would put in a Vekoma Mad House pulled from the legends of getting lost in the Dark Forest, and the trials and tribulations of getting out of the forest.

Plot #3 - In 2028 I would take out most these game booths and move them spread out more, and introduce a slide called Müchner Rutschn (straight from Oktoberfest), and a tower slide toboggan (again straight from Oktoberfest).

So there you have it. How and when I would use all these all these plots that are available.
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