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RE: New Park?

Before we get too excited, it was mentioned as park or property... meaning it isn't necessarily going to be a park. It's also all "in discussion" at this point. They said an announcement about it within the next 12 to 24 months would not be "unreasonable" but that doesn't mean anything at all is going to work out.

With that said, speculate away.
RE: New SEAS Property in the Next Few Years?

Updated the thread title to better reflect the topic.
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RE: New SEAS Property in the Next Few Years?

To me this screams something along the lines of a franchise.

I mean what better way to promote the brand than to have something like a SeaWorld themed whatever- Restaurants (think HardRock Cafe) or some type of small destination.
I don't think it would be fun eating fish while having Shamu splashing water all over you! :p
^There are a lot of things out there that can be considered property. Even a thought can be considered property so nothing can be ruled out.
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Well, maybe we could see a Seaworld further north along the atlantic? Maybe, Sea World Outer Banks, Or Sea World Eastern Shore/Delmarva penninsula

As for the temperatures, they could create a smaller version of the seaworld parks, and contain it indoors, or with a retractable roof, much like ftball stadiums. This way, they can be open year round and have 80-90 degree weather in a controlled environment, as well as shelter from those nasty hurricanes and noreasters...

Possibly a mall of america deal, or a strict aquarium/zoo, with no theme park rides.

Or an entire conservation center/wildlife protection headquarters? They could teach kids about how to deal with certain animals in the wild, especially when wounded, and how they can help protect the environment.

That said, maybe they could do Busch Gardens Asia or Busch Gardens Pacific islands and Australia. They could build it along the pacific, and have great white /whale watching trips.

or busch Gardens Prehistroic Era? A JURASSIC PARK?!?! ok, thats a little far fetched, vbut they are ble to clone woooly mammorths and other ice age animals, accoridng to science, so an ice age park is not far off, but ti would be hella expensive.
Haberdasher1973 said:
I think there's a chance it could be an onsite hotel for SeaWorld Orlando. When they blamed low attendance on weather, someone on the call asked how that could be as the weather had no impact on Disney or Universal. The response was that the competition has built-in attendance with those staying on property...

Clearly that reply had not been in WDW on a rainy day. Where people know it will pour. The place is a ghost town and people only go in go in if they have ADRs.
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