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David Tennett is the best Doctor. While terribly used Jenna Coleman is the best female companion. She is a brilliant actress (she currently plays Queen Victoria on the BBC show "Victoria" (can be seen on WHRO)). Unusual for a primary companion, Clara had a complex, interesting, and frankly plot improving back story to be dug up. Unfortunately after building up this story over several seasons, a X-Mas special, and 2 different doctors, the show runners just sort of threw it out with the trash and she became another "Dr. save me!!!," companion. Albeit, one who would put him in is place and was not afraid to do her own thing.
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I think a really smart partnership for SeaWorld parks, and especially BGW, would be with the BBC. They have a long history of stellar environmental programming that could integrated with the chain's conservation focus. They could also sell merchandise in Banbury Cross from popular BBC shows.

I don't know how popular or feasible it would be but I'd enjoy a dark ride with a conservation or animal theme. Not sure what BBC has, but maybe something else in their programming would make a good ride too.
Similar thought from me, as with @Jonesta6. I have always felt strongly that Discovery and the SEAs chain are a perfect fit. If the chain can fully shake off the stigma that would be a beautiful partnership.
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