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RE: Pop Fusion (2013-Current)

Okay, so I was able to go to the park yesterday, and when everything was getting crowded, we headed up to International Street to buy some Boardwalk Fries (absolutely delicious KD treats, by the way, but that's another story for another time) so the timing would coincide with a performance of Pop Fusion. We got there just as it started and got a seat by the fountains to watch. Here is what I/we thought:

-I wasn't expecting much, but I actually thought some of the singers had really talented voices for performing at KD. The girls in particular had some really energetic, great singing (others were OK, to...).

-As for the dancing...well, let's just say that if they could sing and dance really well, they'd probably be performing at Busch Gardens. That's not to say that they were awful, and they had plenty of energy, it just seemed a little funny and off to me.

-The music was good and fit better than I had though it would, and they did a great job presenting the show.

-The fountains made for a really stunning backdrop for such an upbeat show. I've always liked watching shows on International Street.

-Overall, it's nothing more than a musical revue, but a very upbeat one with lots of energy to boot. The performers all looked to be enjoying what they were doing. Best of all, though, it brought in tons of people to watch and sit around the Eiffel Tower and the surrounding area to watch, and it's really nice to see KD trying to bring some shows back into the experience of the park! All in all, it was decent enough to see while enjoying the view of the fountains and having some of those ridiculous fries :cool: .
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RE: Pop Fusion (2013-Current)

Nice review, thanks! I haven't seen many (any) shows at KD besides a few that I will just walk by. But, I guess it might be worth it to check out sometime!
RE: Pop Fusion (2013-Current)

I have seen Street beats (Sorry, I meant the show Pop Fusion not Street Beats) and I think it is a good show with most of the latest top 40 music presented. I don't know all the artists or songs performed; course, I am 51 years old and I don't always know the latest and greatest in pop music. (chuckle).

The only thing I could suggest is some decorative elements on the front of the elevated platforms that hold the the ramps. They could have created some backdrops based on the theme of the show's logo/background and attached them to the front of the platforms. The costumes are still a little too generic urban street clothes for my taste. I preferred the 1st year costumes of the show "Spin". It looks better if your cast has a more uniform look that sets them apart from the general public.

I think MoonMaxx Productions does a better job of casting than Fancy Pants Productions did. Don't get me wrong, Fancy Pants did hire some great performers in the past; and then, some that were not so great. MoonMaxx seems to cast shows with talent that is more consistent across the board in their singing and dancing ability.

I try to keep in mind that the show is only as good as the cast and the people who designed, created, and arranged the show production. Some of that criteria has to be based on the amount of money KD is given to put on these shows. The more money you put into to a show, the higher quality people you can hire to perform and the better quality production values created for the show itself (costumes, sets, and lighting).

Based on the MoonMaxx's casting of last fall's Halloween shows and what I have seen so far with this years cast of the country music show and the pop music show, I think MoonMaxx has done an above average job. If Cedar Fair continues to increase their monetary investment in live entertainment, I can only hope for more and better quality entertainment offerings in the future.

P.S. MoonMaxx has posted a picture on their facebook site showing the 12 member cast of "On Broadway" in their final pose on the stage of the Kings Dominion Theater during rehearsal. Supposedly the cast arrived and started rehearsals Saturday, June 1st. These folks have an intense rehearsal schedule of 7 days a week for usually 12 hours a day.
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