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Jul 27, 2013
Hello! I love reading the forum here, but don't here post too often. Anyways, as you may have seen on BGW & WCUSA`s Facebook pages, they have a contest for high schools to win a free trip for 250 to Water Country. My school, Godwin High School, entered, and I would love it if anyone reading this could head over to and vote for us. If you really want to be nice, you can vote daily until 5pm on saturday. Thanks!
*Sorry for the double post and bump*
I would like to thank everyone who voted for the contest. If you haven't already seen, my school won (after a legal nightmare) and we are going this saturday. So for those that get annoyed by large swarms of teenagers, stay far away from WCUSA this saturday. Thanks again!
Have fun! I try to stay away from Godwin so it's all good. In all seriousness it's crazy that your school got picked in a competion like this. Is it just 200 students or the whole school?
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I know. I'm still amazed that this has happened, and I've known for a few weeks now. It is 220 people total, just due to charter bus prices, but up to 300 (250 students and 50 chaperones) can come if they drive.
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I didn't hear of all of the legal stuff, but I did hear that my school district's lawyers were going back and forth with busch gardens' lawyers about some of the wording that was in the rules. Also, I'm guessing at least, that there was some complications with my district trying to get tax exemptions (which taxes would be about 13000, half the prize), being that the winner was in the rules to be my principal, who isn't tax exempt like the school would be.

And Mazakman, what makes you think that the voting was hacked or cheated? I think that if that happened, they would catch on to it like they did with that other contest they had that got fake votes.
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