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I actually can’t finish Epcot in one day. There are so many museums, restaurants, and theaters that is easily a two-day park for me. I am also very happy to spend multiple afternoons there during the festivals.

I don’t agree that it needs more rides. Epcot is not an amusement park, and in my opinion should not be turned into one. It is the most sophisticated and intellectually stimulating park at WDW, and I would prefer it stayed that way.
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I have no imagination, I merely observe that which is presented in front of me. I am a cold, unfeeling, and heartless automaton. I exist in a state of perpetual listlessness wherein all occurrences and events are entirely irrelevant to me.
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I said Epcot as a whole was the most sophisticated and intellectually stimulating. I never said every individual attraction was superior.

And it isn’t nice to highlight how much they have ruined Figment’s ride. He probably feels bad enough about it without additional humiliation.
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IMO the Norway pavalion was ruined with the Frozen takeover. There is really nothing educational left, the stave church changed to Frozen, the shops have been 80% changed to Frozen merch, the only thing in there now I find interesting is the Helly Hanson clothing and was that really the point of the pavalion? The ride is good but Malestrom I enjoyed more. All of the other pavalions I enjoy walking through and looking at the information presented, the circle visions, the movies, preformers, the food and the drinks.....but drink around the world is another whole I dont mind the Snow White meet in Germany, or basically any of the current meets but dont want to see every country get the Norway overlay.
I thought the Norway restaurant was fine, even if it was full of anachronistic princesses (again - argh).
I thought the Norway restaurant was fine, even if it was full of anachronistic princesses (again - argh).

I actually really disliked Akurshus. It just seemed run down and felt more like an old family buffet than a high-end dining experience to me.

I get that you pay an upcharge for the annoying characters, who wander from table to table interfering with diners’ meals. That said, it was supposedly themed dining, before it was overrun by helpless girls in big skirts. Despite having legitimately interesting (if not phenomenal) food, the entire experience was just grim for me.

There are, however, many amazing places to eat at Epcot. The Norwegian bakery, being high on that list for me.

Anyway, this thread is supposed to be about PK's trip, which I do not believe included character dining in Norway.
So... I'm officially out of my WDW resort and done with the parks and DS visits. Time to put down my final thoughts.

My ultimate goal was to give myself the best possible chance to enjoy the trip since I had so many preconceptions before. Besides the fact that I didn't have unlimited funds to eat and buy everything I wanted, I feel like I accomplished that goal. I stayed at a moderate resort, I went during the slowest time of the year I could, and I planned for multiple days for the two larger parks.

My overall impressions of the resort is positive. I enjoy the parks and rides. Most of my employee interactions were great (I ended up giving a compliment to one so I hope they give something to them). I didn't do many shows, but the few I did were cool. Most of the food I had was great as well. I had a fun time on the parks and I will be visiting again soon. Consider me a fan.

While the resort was beautiful and there were certain benefits that I appreciate, I don't think I'll be staying on site by myself again. For a half that price I can find a decent off site Good Neighbor hotel. It's simply a cost choice where if I stay off site, I can spend more money in the parks.

As I said before, the nature of these parks come with certain drawbacks. The crowds are never not going an issue and it is certainly a premium resort. The great thing about this trip is that I know what I can skip next time. When I go back, I can probably do one park per day (except Galaxy's Edge, but I won't have to deal with that for a while) now that I know what I like.

Overall, I had fun and I thank all of those who helped me out.
I see you mentioned staying at a Moderate resort and are considering a good neighbor next trip to save on the cost. Also consider a value compared to a good neighbor, many times, depending on what the resort charges for things like transportation or if you drive and have to pay for parking it may be just as cheap to stay on site at a value resort. Distance from WDW is also a consideration with I4 traffic.
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