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Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
Legoland California to add Hopkins Shoot the Chute

Scheduled to debut on May 24, the Pirate Reef shoot-the-chute water ride will feature a specially designed 25-foot drop that generates a gentle splash more suited to small children — the park's primary audience.

As the boat returns to the station, spectators on a pair of pirate ships flanking the boat channel, will be armed with water cannons to playfully squirt the passengers in the boat.

The entire attraction will be accessible from the Legoland Theme Park as well as the separately-gated Legoland Water Park.

Sounds interesting... then again, it's 25 feet tall--what a thrill machine--should give rides like Pilgrims Plunge a run for their money! Anyway, I bet it'll be spruced up with that famous Legoland theming. Plus, it's nice to see Hopkins noticed once again... Just thought I'd share...

BTW, there are a few other links on the link provided above.
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