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Fingers crossed Pigs in a Kilt is open more often this season! I love going there but it's almost always closed when I visit the park. So I'm hoping very, very much that I can stop by more this year!

Also, bumping this thread because it clearly needs some love.
genevive429 said:
My question was more because even in Scotland I'd never seen it. But seriously, thanks for the incredibly mature answer, mocking was definitely the best option. :irritated:

It's the small rarely used food stand between the gift shop in Scottland and the path toward Pompeii. You probably seen it a thousand times but since its almost all ways closed up and there is little to draw your attention passed it by with out notice. Totally understandable I had to think twice as to where it was at first.
It's under the overhang across from the bathrooms at the top of the hill as you walk towards Scotland/Heatherdowns. When you enter the park and make your way through England you curve to the right. That path then splits three ways. Go right to visit Ireland, left to go to Italy, and forward and upwards to go to Scotland. That's the hill. Pigs in a Kilt will be on your left beneath that brief sheltered area. I will be there, crying, to point it out to you and how closed it always is.
Merboy said:
I will be there, crying, to point it out to you and how closed it always is.

OMG i now know where this is! i totally forgot it was called pigs in a kilt. lol
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