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Aug 3, 2017
Newport News, VA
It occurred on Phantom's Revenge. Kennywood basically says not so...

Phantom's Revenge has seat belts? I don't remember those when I went in 2016.

If they're talking about the ratcheting restraint system, it's very easy to get confused on where it locks and think "oh it's loose" even though there's at least 2 extra ratchets to hold you in. Doesn't help if they were likely asking the associate to push down harder on the lap bars and it got caught half-engaging a click, which can cause the restraint to pop up to the previous click mid-cycle.

It'd be nice if the media could just let the parks handle this sort of stuff, but in the name of chasing clicks.
According to the article, it was the (redundant and unnecessary) seat belt, not the restraint that came undone. Supposedly the on-ride picture shows it, but I can't tell on my work computer. To his credit her dad asked her if the restraint was just loose, before he saw the picture.
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I legit don't recall the seatbelt at all when I went in 2016, which is why I'm sort of confused.

EDIT: I'm gonna need that photo zoom and enhance stuff that CSI has, because I can't see anything.
The park says they are there for the riders' "comfort." Maybe they are a new addition?

I can't recall if they were there, when I visited either. I was distracted by my irritation with the ride ops at the time.
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It was just the seat belt, which the segment points out is the “third” line of defense after the redundant ratchets — even as they simultaneously sensationalize the tale of a rider (probably) inadvertently unbuckling it due to it being completely rider-operated.

I don’t understand why KW added seat belts to PR. Maybe it was an insurance thing. If anything, a flapping seat belt is an injury risk. Much greater odds of that happening than the seat belt actually being useful for safety in any way.

Related aside: Almost all local news programs are just complete garbage. Obnoxiously gerund-heavy garbage. Save for laziness, I don’t know why people watch them these days. Is trash-quality reporting about stuff near you really that important? Does it feel like useful learning? Is it better than not watching?
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But where else would we get our Wacky Weathermen, I-Team conspiracy theories, and reports of coasters being stuck on a lift hill?

I do love my WTOP News during my morning commute, though.
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I do love my WTOP News during my morning commute, though.
Even though I'm what you call "young" and part of the generation that doesn't know what AM radio is, I still listen to WTOP and Justin Scott and Spiegel morning show on my way to the office.

I appreciate a fellow high intelligence, cultured, pristine individual.
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