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Sep 3, 2019
VA Beach
Saw it twice now. The sound was a lot better today at noon.
When I watched it on Friday Billie won.
Today it was Seancé (sp?)
May 29, 2013
I saw the show twice Friday and twice Sunday. As a fan of the various incarnations of the 'Night Beats' franchise, I wasn't jazzed about the concept. However, as a dance photographer, I'm thrilled with the high energy and the terrific visuals. The lighting design is fantastic. I was amazed that they were able to do so much with the minimal set pieces, which right now are just three multilevel illuminated pyramids. There are more set pieces, which were construction delayed by COVID, due to be delivered near the end of the month. The vocals, especially the MC's 'Hamilton' inspired rapping, are heavily reliant on vocal wordplay. The reverberant sound environment of the Festhaus isn't optimal for clear sound. In some of the other park venues, digital sound systems allow the sound techs to roam the venue, adjusting the mix on a network linked tablet. The Festhaus has an analog sound board, so the tech needs to stay on the bridge to make adjustments. Often, Festhaus shows sound best the closer the viewer is to the position of the sound board. I was warned, so I watched my first show from near that spot. For the Sunday shows, the sound had noticeably improved to the point where it no longer was a detraction for me. I learned that they made a concerted effort to position "scouts" around the venue, taking notes that could be implemented into the mixing. I appreciate the effort, and am impressed with the results. I'm still not over the moon about the competition show concept. But, I flip away from those kinds of shows on TV, so I'm not coming from a place of impartiality. What makes the show for me are the fantastic performances of the singers, dancers, and musicians, and also the terrific visual design. Every time I watch I see more clever new things I hadn't seen before, and leave the show with various songs stuck in my head. That leaves me wanting to come back for more, and that, for me, is the measure of a good theme park show.

First batch of show pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10219625323893483&type=3
For those who haven't seen it yet, someone has already posted an early show video on youtube:


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Jun 16, 2013
Honestly I didn't see the show as any better or worse then Night Beats.
Mar 16, 2016
Richmond, VA
I was forced encouraged to watch this show last night by the others I attended with. I am NOT a shows person despite my oldest son having attended the musical theater program at the Center for the Arts for high school. It's no surprise that I didn't particularly enjoy it, but I was impressed by the talent of a number of the performers/musicians. It's a shame they weren't given something better to work with.
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Apr 4, 2017
NO offense to any of the performers. They only can perform the material that is given to them. But wow is this show disappointing. Especially considering that it replaced Night Beats.

Night Beats had a great playlist of songs and absolutely stunning choreography that matched the music perfectly. The playlist of songs in this new show is absolutely horrid, and the choreography is disappointing. It feels like the dancers walk around the stage in circles and lot and post a lot. The playlist of songs contributes to the uninspired choreography. Those songs don't lend to great moments of dancing.

It's also just awful the put the vocalists in a "competition." The crowd cheers more for some than others and that's not appropriate for hard-working perfomers.

I think this is a Davenport show and that makes it all the more disappointing.

While this isn't quite as bad as when they replaced wonderfully choreographed and thoughtful "Miracles" with that awful "Gift of Harmony" (no dancing in that), it's another example of Busch entertainment sliding down a hill to mediocrity.
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