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Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
Welcome, welcome, one and all to the all-new thread in which YOU, yes, YOU can submit something funny that you've seen a park guest doing or comment on another story of a park guest, here on Park's Funniest Guests, PFG for short!

Okay, now that you've read my random reality show host intro, basically, you can share a funny story of something a park guest did, or you can comment on another story. PFG stands for Park's Funniest Guests.


-DO NOT DESCRIBE THE GUEST For the safety and privacy of whoever your story is about, do not talk about them in detail. For example, DO NOT follow my hypothetical example:
"At the park, a guy wearing a green shirt and scraggly brown hair with a nametag reading "Bob H." fell into the pudding at La Cuchina while trying to pick his nose.

-DO NOT tell any inappropriate strories, or any stories that directly violate privacy.

That's it!

Let's start this:

At Celtic Fyre this summer, when the main character came in and asked
"Does anyone want any popcorn?"
A dozen or so people raised their hands. When he said,
"If so, you can go get some at concessions right outside the theater!", all but one person lowered their hands.
The one person continued holding her hand high, hoping for popcorn. At about halfway through the show, her hand was still raised. Her father siad something to her, probably about her hand, so she slightly lowered it, but it was still timidly raised halfway throughout the rest of the show! :D
I recall an instance which occurred in 2008 on the Griffon bridge where a guy was talking to two ladies and, in a very confident voice, claimed that the drop couldn't possibly be straight down or else the car would fall off the track. I thought to myself "Then explain the inversion above you head." :p
Also, at Monter Stomp, when the lead monster was having the audience clap once, twice, thrice at the end of the show, and giving them "the look" after the audience constantly screwed up the clapping, a random guy in the audience yelled,
"That's her side of the family!" :p
We were in line at Apollo a few seasons ago and a child 9 10ish was screaming he didn't want to go on he didn't like the drops. His mother told him there weren't any drops. We got on the next train so I didn't see what he was like when he got back. I doubt he trusted his mother for a while.
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