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Feb 4, 2013
I apologize if this is in the wrong area. This is my first post but I have been following the forums for awhile now.

Yesterday, Sunday, I emailed BGW Guest Relations to make sure that their pet kennels would be ready and open for Pass Member Preview Day & Opening Day. The following was the response I was given by Ellen in guest relations today:

"Thank you for contacting Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Our pet kennel is available from open to close, so you can drop off your pet when you come to the park and pick them up when you leave. The cost is $20.00; plus $14 for parking (Pass Members pay $18.00). It does include water, a bowl and shelter. We do not take reservations, but we usually have plenty of room."

Even though Ellen didn't provide the answer I was looking for, she did mention that BGW has new pet Kennel fees for the 2013 season. Since the fees on their website still listed at $10/pet for non-pass members and $7/pet for members, I decided to mention this to her. She was quick to send the following reply:

"Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately the prices have increased to $18 for pass members. We will be happy to honor the price that is printed online but you will need to bring a print out of this information. I encourage you to do that quickly as I have notified our website team of the error."

I then mentioned that opening weekend was a little off and she replied that a copy of our email would be fine and they would honor last season's fees. I doubt they will actually honor the former fees though.

That means non-pass members will be paying $10.00/pet more and pass members will be paying $11.00/pet more. For me to bring my two dogs with for opening weekend, it will now cost me $72.00 instead of $24.00. Big increase.

Their website now reflects the new pet kennel fees. I was not able to print a copy the page earlier before the edit.

Also, wasn't parking $13 last season? She mentioned $14 parking in her initial response. Maybe I am wrong with that one.
So they add a temperature controlled environment for your animals and you don't think a $11 raise in cost? I'm sure your pet would love to spend a 100 plus degree weather day in a only shaded area rather than be in a nice cool room all comfortable. Honestly, I think the price increase is justified. Especially since this renovation will ensure the pets comfort and health are taken care of.
Don't ask me how I got this.


  • Busch Gardens Williamsburg Park FAQs (Before Price Change).pdf
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Not sure where you are getting $72 from. It's $20/$18 per pet and $14/0 for parking. So for two dogs w/ no pass $54. With a pass $36.
I wasn't really posting this as a complaint, however, I do believe the price increase was a pretty big jump. I agree that a price increase may be justified with the renovations, but that much?

Tampa's website states their kennels are air conditioned, yet they remain $10/pet per day for non-members and $9/pet per day for members.

Thanks to Ben for the welcome and Zachary for the PDF of the FAQs. We will see what they say when the time rolls around.

Pandorazboxx - I did say opening weekend, therefore that's two dogs for two days. You're right that it is $36/day for the two dogs, however, it will be $72 for the weekend.
yeah, like Pandorazboxx said, it's probably cheaper to board them. Petsmart by my house charges like $18/day...but they play with your pet, feed them, and even have a TV with cartoons on during the day. No brainer for us (if we ever make it back to the park), is to just board them at our Petsmart. Less to bring with us, less things to take care of, and the setup at Petsmart is like a pet 'motel'. Very classy and nice people. And no...I'm getting no kickbacks for the above comments ;)
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