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RE: Park Permits

Double posting just to get things rolling.

I was enjoying the off season, just relaxing, but I felt the need to fix a few things here, like the creation of this thread and whatnot, but i thought this was kind of really helpful especially with a million permits flying everywhere all over the place.

Earlier Zachary posted a permit and started a thread for a 2014 'amusement ride'. For those who are confused as to what ever happened with that permit, it is discovered that the permit was a part of the Le Scoot Log Flume Renovation and NOT for a new ride.

So If anyone wants to check out the public records for the permits, I have added a link to each CaseTrak Record, then I provide the ePermit Record Search link along with the associated permit numbers for easy finding.

You can also find the link to the appropriate thread to go into deep discussion about specific permits. I tried to sum up the majority of what the permit covers and a time frame for when permits were filed and when work is expected to start and finish.
RE: Permits

Update the OP thanks to Zachary. I'm going to to work organizing the OP by date or month or something later on when i can get to it, just to make it easier to find the latest stuff.
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RE: Permits

I updated the OP so that permits will be listed by earliest recorded date on public record for the project. The more relevant permits are located at the top of the list, the older ones at the bottom.

EDIT: Also, I changed the bolded name of the permits to reflect what public records title the permit as to keep track of things.
Actually, I already knew about the Rte. 60 bus stop. I just had forgotten. I mentioned something a while back I believe?

But irregardless, thanks!
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Besides the addition of the two permits pointed out by Zachary, I also updated the post some. I got rid of the multiple lines, put the permits in list format and I have them grouped together for when work is generally expected such as the Jan-Mar '14 Off Season. Any feedback about it would be lovely.

Now the bus stop I am really, really happy they are finally doing some work with that. The bus stop typically isn't something I see guests use frequently, but more so team members use it way much more. I think this is just an amazing way to help those team members who have to ride the bus to work as well as perhaps any locals who ride the bus to the park.
Sorry for the double post; however, I did update the OP with a new-ish permit.

I actually did catch *something* related to a bus stop back in October, that kind of relates to Zachary's newly pointed out permit by the park.

Turns out WATA (Williamsburg Area Transport Authority) filed a permit back in early October to construct a new bus shelter on the existing transit line stop on Route 60 in front of the park.

After close understanding of both permits (they are separate, links in the OP), I have come to realize the park is only adding the ADA compliant sidewalks from the shelter to the park entrance. Therefore, I am hopefully safely assuming that the park is not actually funding the construction of the actual shelter and that if WATA never planned for a shelter, the sidewalk the park is adding probably would never of happened.

Anyways, I pointed out the shelter permit, Zach got the sidewalk permit and it seems the park is working with WATA to make it easier for guests (and team members) to take the bus to the park.
We're sitting here, and I'm supposed to be a ParkFan, and we're talking about bus stops.

I mean listen, we're sitting here talking about bus stops, not the park, not the park, not the park, but we're talking about bus stops.

Not the rides that I go out there and die for, and ride every coaster like it's my last, but we're talking about bus stops man.

How silly is that?

Seriously though, I love the off-season because of stuff like this.
I wonder what this bus shelter will look like when it's finished? Obviously since it has a building permit it will be the Taj Mahal of bus shelters. I bet it will have like a water fountain, bathroom, seats. Maybe even A/C and heating and perhaps carpeting or tile?
Zachary said:
I'm sure we can find something to argue about relating to the bus stop as well if you so desire. :p

I'm on it! :p

Party Rocker said:
if WATA never planned for a shelter, the sidewalk the park is adding probably would never of happened.
I updated the OP the best I could, there seems to be some bug or something causing the formatting to be thrown off. I will let Zachary or someone work on that because I have tried so hard and things were disappearing and I was getting frustrated.

The alarm system is probably for The Globe Theater.
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