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Sep 23, 2009
It’s 2am so my judgement may be flawed, but after digging through site plans and a few articles about a new themed “land” proposed for Legoland Florida, I’m pretty sure people have it all wrong. I don’t think this is a new land, I think this is a new park.

It doesn’t connect to the existing park—it’s separated by a road and a huge swath of backstage buildings. The plans clearly depict a new park entry and exit gate with a pathway from the adjacent parking lot. The “main building” screams multipurpose entry building. The ride selection in this proposed addition appears to be all geared towards very young guests as opposed to the “family” audience of the existing park. The plans seem to include a water play structure with water slides—something that makes little sense in Legoland proper—a park with its own water park already. I’m not insane—this is a second gate for the Legoland Florida resort... Right...?

It’s AMAZING how similar the plans for this are to the plans we saw for Sesame Place Williamsburg. Could parks splintering off their kiddy-focused offerings into their own small kiddie parks be a new trend coming to the industry in the years ahead?

I mean, it makes some sense, right? There’s money in FECs. Imagine how many birthday parties a small kiddie park like this could sell. Plus, the very young kiddie parks pickup a lot of morning, weekday visitors from stay at home moms with very young kids, daycares, etc. The massive scale of a full theme park is not only unnecessary for those markets to have access to, but also a net downgrade for those use cases since people would be paying for so much more than they would be using. This division also enables parks to better aim their special event offerings as specific age groups and price points. Food for thought...
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I agree as well @Zachary - I was thinking the same thing when I first saw this. I'm wondering if this will be Peppa Pig-themed. The designs of Peppa Pig Land at Heide Park and Gardaland and Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park seem similar to this expansion.
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I probably shouldn't pretend to know if Peppa Pig's popularity persists prominently enough in preschool pop-culture to pursue a park product pertaining purly to this particular property. Piecing pint-sized parts of the plethora of Peppa Pig park precincts present across the planet does, pleasantly, paint a picture peculiarly parallel to the previously provided proposed plans though...

PS: Predisposed to protest my perfect, poetic, pièce de résistance of a post? Piss off. 😋
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It's really cool to see the Legoland area slowly but surely turn into a fully realized resort. I'm willing to bet in the next decade or two the resort could be a very strong contender for the family/younger kids crowd in competition with Disney and Universal. Really hope this goes well!
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