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Nov 5, 2009
Just thought I'd throw this out there. I'll prob. go. If we get enough people we might get a group trip going. It's on the 20th of March fyi.
Hey Fur Dozy; I cannot remember the original thread but a few of us have already talked about it. i hope we can all get together and go to the park. I know it would be neat to arrange a group coaster tour as well which was also discussed a while back. :)
yea, Ik I'll probly be at the park that day, I have to get pictures of everything. That's just how I am with new things and things I want, I just have to get those pics.
I like pics too. If you look at the CT09 pics I took(posted by swift) the park is empty in most all. Just in case you're wondering, I didn't get exclusive access. I waited at the front just past where they were blocking people, casually so they wouldn't bother me, then jogged ahead and took pics of the park in front of the crowd. Now those a quality pics. Nobody else took pics from that perspective, at least other than staff(and I have seen any of them).
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