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Apr 7, 2013
I have a quick question. I know you redeem your "complimentary tickets" at the front of the park using a computer. Is this correct? My wife and I both have passes and were hoping to use them tomorrow to get "complimentary tickets" for my parents who are visiting from out of town. The issue is, as of now, my wife is sick. Does she have to be present to obtain the ticket? And to let the person into the park who is using the complimentary ticket? Or am I able to take her pass (and mine) and get the tickets, and then take my parents into the park. I hope this makes sense! Thank you for any help!
They always say the guest must be present, but from my experience, they never actually check. I've entered the park with a friend using the complimentary friend ticket a few times this season and I know at least once we've entered in separate lines and he was never asked if I was present before letting him through. I guess it's possible that the system will notice that a your wife's pass was used to redeem a friend pass and she never entered the park that day and it may raise some red flags, but I doubt they look into it that much. I'd say you should be good to go, but do it at your own risk.
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