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Resident Sea Monster
Oct 25, 2009
Raleigh, NC
Hi there! Haven't posted in a while (extremely not loving this new forum design).

So I have a season pass and I just heard about pass member preview day. Are all the rides open that day and how many people will be at the park that day? Also, is it super cold then?
Welcome back!
I think Technically their all soft opening. But they were all open last year. As far as crowds go,average, but maybe higher with it being Spring Break time.

The Weather will probably be anywhere from mid 50's to high 60's.
Preview Day takes place the weekend before the park's "Spring Break" schedule begins. That being said, it was actually pretty busy last year and the year before if I recall correctly (nice weather definitely played a part).

All rides should be up and running by then barring any technical issues that may arise.
Preview Day is one of their busiest days. Passholders even complain that there are too many people every year.
I think it depends on the weather. Statistically speaking, pass members tend to stay away on rainy, cold days; even extreme heat. When the weather is nice, expect a high volume of guests. This is the same come Pass Member Preview Day. Regardless of the crowds, I still like to attend this day because I prefer to spend the day looking for all the little or sometimes major changes in shows, landscaping, decor, etc. Opening day is all about rides for me.
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