Did you receive the 50% or FREE coupon in the mail?

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I have a curious question for all you pass members out there...

When you got your Busch Gardens mailer this week (or next), which special offer did you get?

The 50% off a single-day ticket for a friend or family member


the free single-day ticket for a friend of family member ?
:D Free Ticket baby! Woo! Question is, I have had three people ask me to take them to the park who are not pass members... hmmm who gets the ticket and a personal guided tour by yours truly. Hmmmm...choices, choices.
I got the 50% off coupon.

Was there any rhyme or reason as to who got what?
Robbie, you aren't the only one who go the 50% off coupon. :(

It's ok, I've already gotten enough SWP&E. So far I've won an iPod Touch, shirt, Water Country pass, and a BGW ticket.
I only got the 50% coupon:( Oh well.
I've got a question about buying the discounted Christmas Town tickets. Can a pass member get them half off for other people, or just for themselves?
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