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Sep 10, 2012
From BGW's facebook page...

Sat. March 21 at 10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Looks like you'll only have to run to Italy this time; good for those who aren't quite up to sprinting to the Festhaus ;).
I like the discounted Annual PhotoKey membership.  Had a lot of fun with this during HOS & CT with family and friends. :)

If the annual PhotoKey is going to be like the one at Tampa BGT PhotoKey ($79) then this is a great deal with the discount.
I hope they announce their 2016 plans. I'll not be dashing to Italy either way. His face is not the first thing I want to see after the long winter. Hooray for double drink cups for 15 bucks!
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I just wonder how shocked everyone will be when they announce Tempesto. "What?! A roller coaster?! No way!"
Party Rocker said:
Seems like they're taking preview day and molding it similar to appreciation weekend.

Nope, there were announcements similar to this in 2013. This isn't the first time they're trying this concept.
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In previous years, this was just an ordinary day. In 2013, they had each executive present their own fifteen minute speech at various places. This is actually the first time that they are holding that one big announcement at the start of the day and then special discounts and such throughout the park.
Thanks for posting this. Even though I had them mail our kids activated passes, we are still going to attempt to go down on the 21st. We will definitely be taking advantage of the discounts. I am not all that concerned with being first to Italy.

Quick Question: We are Platinum pass holders. Can we use the bus/employee parking entrance to get to the parking lot for preview day?
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Question for the people who take advantage of the souvenir, refillable cups... What do you do with them when riding attractions? Do you fasten it to a belt loop or store it in a station cubby?

Except for once in Tampa, I have never bought a souvenir cup because I am always riding coasters.
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MCMM said:
We just throw ours in an empty locker without paying. Its a risk but typically it isn't worth enough for people to bother stealing.

From big risks, come big rewards!
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I use the locker thing on everything except Nessie. I like to leave my cup against the railing on the platform for some reason. I can't explain that one.
I leave my cup on the platform at all the rides. The only problem I've ever had is when someone else leaves their identical cup next to mine, and I have to figure out which one is mine.
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