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Feb 9, 2013
For the first time ever, KD will be holding a pass member preview day on Saturday, March 28th! Opening day will be the day after on Sunday, March 29th.


I find this to be a huge step along with the new pass member benefits site in improving pass value!

Mark your calendars everybody!
This is fantastic news. I have been hoping KD would do this for years. Just one more benefit for their season pass holders.

*starts planning meet-up*
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I wonder if this is a real day or a fake pass member day like BGW has where anyone can come in.
That's Pass member appreciation weekend, pass member preview is exclusive to pass members.
I'm pretty sure KD will still allow non passholders in on preview day. Turning people away like that is like turning away money. Not only that, but if there's non passholders in groups visiting the park, that might turn out messy.
It's really cool that Kings Dominion is doing pre-opening events before the real opening day.
Nicole said:
I would point out that KD does enforce their ERTs for pass members.

From the park's recent responses on their Facebook site. SP Day is for SPH's only. Anyone else = SOL. Nicole hit the bulls eye.
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A wee bit more information about Pass Holder Preview Day has been announced:
Kings Dominion said:
Any 2015 season passholder can attend and the first 1,000 Gold and Platinum Season Passholders will receive a free 40th Celebration lanyard with pass holder.

I did email the park and they told me more details about the event would continue to be announced as the date comes closer.
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Quick Question: Do you have to buy your pass before a certain day in order to be able to go to the event? Or can you buy it anytime up until that said date? Just wondering because I may not be able to get my pass until the day before the pass member preview day
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