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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
I just called and asked about Discovery Cove discounts for 2014.  Here is what they told me:

Price without the dolphin swim: $99; it normally ranges from $179-249
Price with the dolphin swim: $169; it normally ranges from $319-379

The discount will be available year round except for the following dates:
- Spring Break (I don't recall the exact dates, but I think thy were mid-March to mid-April)
- Summer vacation (June, July, August)
I asked about my pass member discount and I have a Platinum, but I didn't specify.  The benefits list says both annual pass and Platinum pass members get a discount, but honestly I am not 100% sure.
I called DC again with some follow-up questions of my own and I took the opportunity to get more precise information for everyone, as well.

- The rate is for both Platinum and Annual Pass members.

- The Spring Break blackout dates are 1-21 April (I think they changed).

- You can bring guests at your pass member rate.

- You are not required to have a member of your party participate in a dolphin swim (I would swear they used to require it...)
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