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ok saw the tweets now for the pics of rhinefeld.. any other news? Sucks they dodged the Q&A! updates please..

Sorry, I'm kinda bitter about that at the moment. I'm frankly shocked that nothing is happening in the sad little hamlet of Killarney right now.
Did it seem to any one else like Scott just did not really want to be there or was I the only one getting that vibe?

On the whole it was OK can't belief that they did not say anything about Killarney at all even if it was just a generic were making plans for the future statement. On a whole the thing left me feeling a little worried about 2014 especially since there did not seem to be the large crowds in the park today that I had been told to expect by everyone that I talked to.

The Christmas Town pass sounds like a good deal and I like three of the four foods on the members sampler that they had.
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Vlad: "You like this outfit?

Scott: "Yeah"
Zachary said:
I got blasted with more confetti than I care to admit.

I was right in front of the blaster I had flower confetti down my shirt when it was over and a little down my pants. I had to move a mountain of that stuff to find my phone. :dodgy:
Haberdasher1973 said:
So no mention of Illuminights at all - neither of staying nor going?

That was the most interesting thing. They did say that F&WF would be expanded next year, He gave hints such as more booths, and maybe more days. So what was rumored earlier this year might happen next year.

For those of you who don't remember or know what was rumored. To put it simply we wanted F&WF to be extended through the mid summer, and only have Fireworks, on the weekends.
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