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Big Bad Wolf hunter
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Jun 16, 2013
any one planning on going to the announcement and want to meet up?
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Getting ready to leave for the park not sure now long I will stay if the weather turns bad but hit me up if you want to meet up.
BGWFans said:
For Pass Member Appreciation Weekend 2015 Busch Gardens Williamsburg is subjecting its pass members to thirty minutes of music from a country band no one has ever heard of. This is an incredible new low.
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I agree I liked everything it the"gameshow"
Am I the only one that thinks Franz Kitenko (culinary) was the best speaker of the event? I know it's very stressful for some of them to address people (especially pass members) publicly. I just thought that seemed a bit ironic.

Also, when Carl Lum said "Who remembers the Burgermeister? What would you think if we brought the Burgermeister back?”, I could see a few people looking uncomfortable, trying not to say anything. For those who don't know, the original Burgermeister has since passed away. The VP of entertainment at the time of his retirement (Linda Cuddihy) said
"We'll continue the Festhaus, and Oktoberfest, but we are not hiring another Burgermeister.
We couldn't replace Bob Bauman."

Der Burgermeister Retires

I don't have anything against the new guy. In fact, he is quite entertaining. They should at least give him another title like "Brau Meister". Even Scott Gasparich deeply respected the original. (That's unheard of, considering he didn't care for the show at all.)
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Isn't that Burgermeister the male lead from 2000 Starfright Orchestra and intro talking-head of Fiends in the Festhaus? He was a performer and voice over guy for BGW in the 2000s?
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