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I arrived on point at 8:30. There were about 20 or 30 cars in the parking lot. We walk up to the entrance, and to our surprise they were handing out tickets for free breakfast, served at two locations. We got a locker, then went to get our breakfast. It was very decent, sausage, tater-tots and cinnamon bread, with OJ as a drink. It actually tasted really good, and I had a craving for some sausage, so it hit the spot.

We hit CC, Wild Thang, Rampage, Jet Scream, Malibu Pipeline, and Nitro Racer. By the time it was about 9:15, I was climbing the stairs for Nitro Racer, and noticed they were already letting people go all the way back to Hubba Hubba Highway. So we then rode everything.

We went to the VIP zone. They were giving away free drinks, and snacks. They had a sound booth set up. You would wait in line, once you got to the front they played a song, and you had to tell them the name, or the show/movie it was in. If you guessed correctly you got a WCUSA bag. This isn't just a cheap bag though. This is a big, heavy fabric, beach bag, not cheap in the least. Everyone in my party won one.

We left by 1:00, having done everything in the park already. It was a well organized event, and I would love to go to it again.
We went to this event last year. It was so slammed we had to wait in a long line to get into the area to score some chex mix, soda and vanishing point magnets. This year hardly anyone was there. They had Famous Amos cookies, Planter's fruit and nut mix, and little cans of Pringles. Like Matthew, all members of our party won something. Two people won meal certificates good for an entree, two sides and a drink at WC or BGW. One person won a snack certificate which could be used for funnel cake with topping or a dipped waffle cone sundae (among other lesser snacks) at WC or BGW. The other two people won a beach bag and a soccer ball, respectively.
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Did no one else get the email from WCUSA? I got the email about pass member appreciation on May 31st.
Yes, I get all their emails.

Quite honestly, it was a nice setup. While many of you may think it is unfair that the park didn't advertise the event as much as they should have I am glad they didn't. I hate lines. Since not many people knew, not many people started showing up until 10AM, leaving at least a solid hour and half with just about no lines at all.

The breakfast was really nice. I didn't care to much for the sausage, but the roll covered in cinnamon was a rare delight for me and tater tots are totally awesome always. I did say I was surprised and privileged. Upon arriving no one told me what the ticket was for. So I walked into the Hot Spot Cafe with no team member collecting tickets. I grabbed a plate and a team member asked what drink I'd like. I choose fruit punch and she asked regular or large. Being it was a small breakfast I went with the smaller cup. Here to find out later on, going to the other location, I was supposed to only get orange juice. I suppose the team members at Hot Spot Cafe weren't very well informed on what was going on? I'm not complaining, I enjoyed it.

The only complaint I could possibly have for the day was when I did get that cup of fruit punch, I found three dead ants floating at the top of my drink. I was able to get a new one with no problem. I assume the soda fountains were not properly cleaned or covered the night prior and some ants were able to find their way up there. Not a big deal for me personally, but I am sure a handful of people would be much more grossed out.

I never was able to make it to the VIP zone sadly. I wish I had the time. Overall, it was a nice simple and quaint morning until 10am. I can't wait until they do it again.
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