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Tram drivers do know a lot. I have a few buddies operating these things. Sometimes I hop on just to ride around the loop or to the overflow lot. I don't get to ride them much, being in the England lot all of the time. One day you may hop on and have a BIG surprise.
Todd, usually they will find it amusing or think something is wrong with you. I actually had one driver walk over to me to see if I was OK. He thought I was either lost, out of it, or drunk or something. Sometimes I have an excuse ready just in case...

- Oops! I forgot I was in the England lot.
- I left a bag at the package forwarding place.
- I forgot my baby in the bathroom.
- I change my mind. I want to see Entwined one more time.
- I just wanted to see Bavaria. :D
Here is what I have for you to enjoy. Also, the sky ride, train, Rhine River Cruise, Catapult, Log Flume, and Kinder Karussell are the only rides currently in operation since 1975. (Verified from Tram operators and Rhine River Cruise operators- both have been mechanically upgraded but are still the same tram-boats).

My park Transportation album is here with some cool vintage finds showing the double-Decker buses:

The best photo I have is from a post card that I own. Yeah- I actually have this post card and no- you cannot buy it from me. Sorry guys and gals.



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