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Sep 30, 2012
We are from NC and just went to BGW Sept 15 and LOVED it! In fact we upgraded our tickets to fall passes and are planning on going back in a couple of weeks and taking one of my daughter's friends with us.
We are planning on going early on a Friday (hoping for smaller crowds) and spending the night nearby. Then going back on Saturday for the whole day an driving home Saturday night.
We will be parking for 2 days, but I'm wondering if there is a multiday
parking pass that would be cheaper than paying for two separate days? Also, is there a cheap hotel/motel in the area that you can suggest. Just looking for a cheap clean place to lay our heads for the night.
You can't go wrong with a Holiday Inn Express. It's cheap,clean, and has free breakfast. here's the tripadvisor
netdvn said:
Hotel-wise: The Richmond Road drag has tons of options from small motels to newer chain hotels, plus there's plenty of food. Hotels closer to the Colonial area tend to be a bit newer and the drive to the park is shorter, but there is a lack food options nearby. Capital Landing Rd. also has a few newer hotels, but food is even more sparse around there plus, it's further from the park.

There is a Marriott right outside of the Kingsmill entrance if you're willing to spend the extra money for a nicer place to stay. The hotels in that general area aren't as nice as the newer ones though.

Hope this helps. At least hotel-wise.
Hello, we are planning our trip in may and wondered if the meal deal is worth it? Has any one gotten these? We love smokers traphouse, so would probably use them there :)
Well, first off, let me actually answer your question because it's a legitimate one:

If you pick the right things, both the meal deal and the meal certificates can save you a fair chunk of change. If you plan to eat the park's best, most expensive meals, yes, by all means, jump for the meal deal.

Now, with the actual answer over with, I have to do this. I'm sorry in advance.

mariasam said:
We love smokers traphouse [...]

I'm going to assume you're Scott Gasparich because he's the only one who I've heard call Trapper's Smokehouse "Smoker's Traphouse" before. :p
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