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Sep 10, 2012
This evening I was almost ready to give up my two park pass based on the crappy rumors of a BGW shutdown and then the horrible experience of getting out of WCUSA. On the worst day, it has never taken me more than 15 minutes to get out of Busch Gardens. The Fourth of July from the Ireland parking lot took just under that a few weeks ago. This evening, Water Country essentially closed down due to the lightning and whatnot. I got to my car at 6:00pm, and didn't make it to the exit/hwy until 6:55. Fifty-five FREAKIN' MINUTES to go about 250 yards. This isn't the first time I have experienced a messy exit from the park, but this was certainly the worst. Why the hell doesn't the park have some kind of traffic control in place? With a mass exodus of the park like what happened today, this is not only maddening, but possibly very dangerous. I almost always am able to avoid this mess because of the times I choose to go here, but when the weather does its thing like today, well, you have no control. Plus, you have impatient, crazy, careless drivers making their own lanes, cutting across the medians between rows, it's complete chaos!! I am sure I am not the only one to have gone through this.

I know all of the usual tricks to get out of WCUSA. I really like the rear exit if I can get to it. I just want to know why there is no control like they have at BGW. This is ridiculous. Did they ever have traffic control? Hopefully some of you old-timers know about it. Please share your experiences. :cool:
I've been looking at BG's fb page and seen a few instances of really bad traffic ever since EitA was cut. I think it would be totally reasonable to think that parking staff was cut. That being said, the way to recover from bad financial problems is not pissing off your customer base and making it frustrating to visit the park.
I always found WCUSA to be a mess with parking. They really don't have a dedicated parking team (Not on the scale of BG's). I would personally renovate the parking lots to be more organized and include a guest arrival team that way parking isn't such a wreck.
They don't need a dedicated parking team on the scale of the park's team. The park has 6 different parking lots, WCUSA has 1. There's only one parking lot to direct guests to, so there's no point in a large parking team for WCUSA.
The ONLY traffic mess that we ran into at BGW was coming into the park yesterday morning. That was the busiest I had seen the entrance the whole trip. They were backed up 64 and 60. We waited at the most, 15 minutes. The only mess that we ran into leaving was Sunday night. No one directing traffic due to a thunderstorm. Can't blame them there... BUT people were treating the road out as a damn raceway. :/
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