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Feb 3, 2019
Thursday night im pretty sure they were using pot flavored fog juice.....the park (and some guests)reaked of it in many places.
I'm not sure pot would influence someone to jump off a bridge, but there were probably a lot of people getting really deep into philosophy and then immediately forgetting what they were talking about in favor of finding some turkey legs.
Wasnt saying thats what they were on only I feel like there has be a substancial increase so pot smoking in the park as well as they are not enforcing vaping or smoking. People are doing it in the house lines and not only are BGW security ignoring it so are the sherrifs and police. A guy in Vaults line one night was putting off a bigger cloud than the train.
It's the devil's lettuce, man. First, you start thinking the Grateful Dead can really turn out some crunchy tunes, and that Taco Bell makes a mean chalupa suitable for any meal of the day.

Next thing you know, you're jumping down a ravine.

This is what happens when there aren't enough good places to cheef at BGDubs(BGDabs).
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