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Sep 23, 2009
For those who missed the previous mentions of the project by Gavin and I, the admin team is currently hard at work on the next iteration of ParkFans.

This is not another retheme. For the first time in the site's nearly 9 year history, we are rebuilding everything from the ground up. Needless to say, this is a huge (and expensive) undertaking. As the launch gets closer, we will probably have a lot more to say on that front.

For now though, after another (very) late night working on the front-end, I can't resist posting something (slightly) more substantial. After all, there's nothing on this planet better than teasing... ;)


And of course, anything that is posted to this thread is a work in progress unless stated otherwise. We are always open to critique as well so, if you hate it, let us know. That said, I think we have preemptively nullified the cause of some of the criticism that may arise... But that's a topic for another time. :cool:
I heard that the prints were already on the street and y'all were scooped. My source tells me it is going to be a record breaking Intimin launched wingrider top hat.
Can't wait for the brand new look to the site comes out, this is gonna be exciting. :D
Rev 3 does not currently support animated avatars and, primarily for load time concerns, I don't anticipate them making a return.

Originally we banned then from use in the current iteration of ParkFans for the same reason but started letting them slide over time since we never implemented a software solution to prohibit their use.

Plus, a few animated forum avatars are the least of the optimization issues on the current version of ParkFans. With the rise of mobile browsing, page size is a far more crucial factor in the development of Rev 3.
Merboy said:
All avatars are beautiful.

I actually miss your old gif avatar. Your's was always an exception to the old rule since it was present before the old rule was written. I actually remember mentioning to Zach that yours was to be grandfathered in when I wrote that rule. Now your's is just static and I am very sad.
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Awww, Shane! Way to break my heart! To be honest I'm surprised anyone actually noticed it. I made it so that the gif only moved every few seconds and even then it was just a swish and flick of the tail. I didn't want it to be bothersome. And I only changed it because it had been several years and, I mean, just look at that new avatar. It's precious! (also, I just animated it but for some reason it's still static). But I have to say I'm sorely tempted to revert to the old one because of your post. If it weren't for the fact that I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now then I would. You sweetheart you.
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