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Jul 16, 2019
What are some traditions/habits/routines that you have, or things that you feel you must try and accomplish each time you visit?

For example; we get a rubber ducky at the arcade in front of Festhaus, and write the date of our visit, and who we were with on the bottom of it. We will also get a shot of Jameson in Ireland first thing upon arrival on most visits (not so much if we're driving anywhere that day though).
Technically this is a tradition before I enter the park, but every time I drive up to the park, I blast Queen’s “Somebody to Love” with the windows down as soon as I take the exit toward the park and head into the toll booths. Every single time — rain or shine, March or December. It’s a tradition my dad started when I was little and it’s one I’ve carried on ever since. Having heard the song for more than 20 years every time I’ve driven up to the park, I can’t even hear the song anywhere I go without seeing Apollo’s Chariot’s purple track cresting over the treetops in my mind’s eye. All these years later, it still fills me with that same feeling of excitement and anticipation for starting my day at the park, just as it did when I was a child.
Used to be when I had gold passes long before memberships would go to WC for the afternoon, up to Pierce's for dinner (JC specials still came with cookies then if that helps provide context to the time period), then to the park for night rides to finish out the day.
Ring toss.
We did actually win it once, and lugged around some giant pink bear the rest of the day. But we always get a 'family bucket' which comes with some sort of small prize usually; just for buying the bucket. It's our guilty pleasure at any park; I actually hope I don't win the big prize, but love playing the game with the family :)
I always get to the park by rope drop. Before going in I always walk the area between the ticket booths and park entrance. This area just a puts me at peace and gives me a feeling of appreciation.

After that it is straight to the coasters before the crowds build. I usually start with Griffon a few times then over to Apollos or Alpengiest. After the coaster rides I slow down and start doing shows or a few flats. By 1 or 2 I grab a pretzel at Pretzel World or fries from Les Frites and a wine or cocktail. I usually end the day with a lap or two on the train and maybe one last show.

Every time I leave I am happy because I’ve been fortunate enough to visit my favorite park for the day again, but also a little depressed because normal life is about to start again.
Wait are you able to drink the bottles in the park?
Yes, but I believe they have changed things around a bit recently. Can’t say from personal experience, but we overheard an employee explaining to someone that they would have the bottles sealed so that they could only be opened and poured at the wine tasting locations.

Though this could be utter B.S. or the employee might not have known what they were talking about.
I like to take a lap before I really do anything ride wise or anything. Just take things in.
This is generally what I also do. I'll also take pictures of new stuff or things that they changed.
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I had/have 2 non-ride ones....

The HAD:
1) When AB owned the park they closed the brewery tour thing when I turned 21, so from that point on when I went my first beer was always something that they were doing test marketing/piloting for. I always even back in the early 2000s wanted to be able to try new styles of beer and before the craft boom BGW was that place for me. That stopped when AB divested the park and started seeing Coors and Heineken's and what not. Still not right, I can understand the craft beer presence but not other Macro companies in that park.

2) Always eat a meal at the Festhaus and get German Potato Salad. While its just park food to some people my grandmother was off the boat German and she practically raised me and aside from her no one in my family could really cook the wurst and potato salad that she made. The park's seems to be the only one that hits the nostalgia button for her cooking. Most other German restaurants are good but something about BGW brings me back to dinner at my grandparents.
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